These are men who are trying to coerce lesbians into having sex with them using Woke language and the threat of cancelation.

I know many of you might say “so what, those are Leftist lesbians, why should I care?”

One, as a principle I stand against rapists.

Second, do you believe it will end with the lesbians?

Lesbians are low hanging fruit.  Being women, they are more inclined to avoid conflict and as Leftists are more susceptible to Woke jargon.  So it’s easier to use Woke language to coerce them into sex.

But eventually they will come for you children.

“That straight, cis-gender girl refused my advance, she needs to be canceled.”

We need to recognize this and know where it is going before it’s too late.

Gentlemen, fire up your woodchippers.

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By J. Kb

17 thoughts on “I keep telling you these freaks are not transgender, they are perverts who rape through coercion instead of brute force”
  1. Whenever I see these internal disputes between radical leftists, part of me wants to go full Kissinger: “It’s a shame they both can’t loose.” Problem is that whomever does win will not stop there and will, sooner or later, come for the rest of society.

    Generally speaking, everyone on “the right” abides by the same mantra: “Leave me alone.” This is why the right can count amongst its membership people as different as the Log Cabin Republicans and the Christian Coalition. They’re content to leave each other alone as long as everyone leaves them alone.

    The left, on the other hand, doesn’t want to leave anyone alone. Ever. They regard neutrality as an attack on par with open hostility.

    1. Yep. There’s a reason why “Silence is violence” is a mantra on the left. You either wholeheartedly endorse their depravity or your against them.

      1. Correction:

        Liberal: “I just want the government out of my vagina, my bedroom, my life!”
        Conservative: “Granted. I just want the government to leave me alone to live my life, too.”
        Liberal: “Now, hold on there….”

      2. Conservative: “I just want to be left alone to live my life.”
        Liberal: “No.”
        Conservative: “BANG”

  2. So, if I do not find fat chicks attractive, I am a bigot? What if I do not find tall women attractive, or if I do not fancy redheads? What if I prefer my women without a penis? (No, calling it a pussy does not change the fact it is a penis.)

    I agree totally, this is not about desire, likes, sexual attraction. It is about destroying everything. A lesbian cannot be attracted only to people who have vaginas and natural breasts. Nope, they must also be attracted to a human with a penis, five o’clock shadow, and chest hair because they claim to be a woman.

    Once again, it is not enough to give the LGBTQWERTYWHATEVER equal rights, or not discriminate against them. No, you have to celebrate them, and participate in their lifestyle.

  3. Someone might want to remind the people pushing this crackpot stuff that there is an organization called Pink Pistols, and they welcome new members.

  4. WTF is a “sexual racist”?

    Are they now playing the race card in disputes about sex and gender identity? Wasn’t there already a card for that?

    In my mind, “sexual racist” might be someone who finds people attractive or unattractive solely on the basis of their race. That usage might make some sense.

    But using that phrase to refer to someone who desires their women to be … y’know … women, that’s just wrong on so many levels. “Genderist” may be an acceptable term. Or “trans-phobic bigot”.

    There are alternative terms that make far more sense for that definition than “sexual racist”. OTOH, the Woke have shown a strong preference for manipulating and destroying the English language over using it creatively and correctly. It’s a pity (for them) they haven’t yet figured out the one insurmountable problem with over-playing the race card:

    When everything is racist, then nothing is.

  5. I find it interesting that I am on the side of the lesbians (xx lesbians, NOT xy “lesbians) in this regard.

    Along with supporting “no means no”.

    And, manipulative cretins are manipulative cretins, and deserve, at least, the brush off.

    And,if they get froggy, well, some of us have plans for that.

    1. Anyone opposed to interpersonal relationships being managed by force has to be on the lesbians’ side on this.

  6. Meanwhile, til we ALL get our woodchippers, teach your daughters how to use vicegrips….cmere little girl…. Oohh whats that? CLAMP!!!! Footsteps running away as screams get louder..

  7. “Lesbians are low hanging fruit.”

    That is a phrase I had not expected to read today.

    Or, you know, ever.

    I know what you mean, but it just gave the ol’ syntactic analysis wetware a bit of a recursion loop.

    And no, it will not stop there. Lesbians are the new white males – just a first stop on the road.

  8. A Psychosis backed by Alleged “Medical” Professionals??
    These people are 100% clinicly Insane.

    And held up and used by The Pe(D)o Party like the commodities they are to them.

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