A Moyle (the man in the Jewish tradition who performs circumcision) retires after 50 years.

At his retirement a tanner in the congregation presents him with a gift.

The Moyle says “what is it?”

The tanner says “it’s a wallet made from some of the foreskins you cut in your career, and if you rub it it turns into a briefcase.”

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “I know a good sick joke about human skin products…”
  1. OY!!!! What, a joke you want? OK – A priest, a minister and a rabbi are all such good men that a rich benefactor sends each of them a free automobile for their good work in the community. The men all want to demonstrate their gratitude to God for this gracious act. The priest walks around his car and sprinkles it with holy water. The minister lays hands on his car and ordains it to the ministry. The rabbi takes a hacksaw and cuts two inches off the tailpipe!

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