A federal judge has temporarily blocked a portion of a controversial Florida law that called on local police to cross state lines to assist federal immigration officials but left in place a provision where the officers would have to hold undocumented immigrants until the feds pick them up.

The law allows the governor or attorney general to take action on elected officials who don’t comply with the law, including removing them from office.

All Florida cops and elected officials will be forced to comply with ICE as of Tuesday

This was a nasty slap in the face of the Florida Liberals, specially the South section of the Miami Dade County. Now allow me to tell you how much of a controversy this has been down here: I found about this decision taken 8 days ago by sheer happenstance in a LEO sub-reddit. The news did not make waves significant waves when it was passed and then signed the same way almost nobody had heard the court’s decision  from a week ago.

If a suspect has a retainer from ICE, it is more likely for a violent crime or gross immigration violation. The media always will print/show the poor mom who hs been 25 years illegally in the US and she has kids and grandkids born in the US as if hers was the type of case ICE only goes after. They will ignore the serial rapists or ultra violent illegals because it screws up the Open Borders narrative they support.

South Miami Mayor Stoddard said the decision makes for “bad law from a municipal standpoint.”

“As soon as the community perceives the local police as agents of ICE, they stop talking to the local police, and that makes everybody less safe,” he said. “Now, there will be a whole segment of our community unwilling to report crimes. It’s already the case in a lot of immigrant communities, and this makes it worse.”

Here is  quick lesson on the demographics of Miami Dade. Although I am not sure exactly where the border line is, the South of the county is were the thick of the Mexicans and most Central Americans migrate for agricultural purposes with the exception of Hialeah Gardens which is also known as Little Nicaragua.  The North is Cubans, the Caribbeans and pretty much the rest of South America: Colombians, Haitians, some Dominicans (they tend to move to NY with the Puerto Ricans), Venezuelans, Brazilians, etc.

There is no love lost between North and South of the County, same as in real life with the countries. Anybody saying this is a lie is trying to sell you a Liberal/Latinex political fantasy. I cannot speak for the proclivities and customs of the County Southerners, but the County Northerners have no issue with ICE deporting illegal aliens who are violent criminals. You wanna see a bunch of pissed off Latinos? Let them know that the guys who raped Little Maria was released on bail and it is now walking the streets because the Mayor believes in no extradition for violent scum just to poke Republicans in the eye. Pepe the Rapist will be invited to a picnic in the ‘Glades and would never be heard from again. And if they had the chance to invite the Mayor to the same festivities… Basically, if they can drop the dime on an Violent Illegal, they will do it and rightfully so because they love their families as much as any other ethnic group.

Oh well, draining the Swamp in Swamp Land was needed…


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

One thought on “I missed this one: Judge confirms the end of Sanctuary Cities in Florida.”
  1. Curious- do you think the possibility of a criminal being deported now will increase the reporting of crimes? I think America is tired of the bullshit sanctuary cities.

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