There have been a lot of hand wringing Leftists, writing in their Leftist newspapers and on social media, that the killing of Qasem Soleimani was an act of war against Iran, that we provoked them into greater violence, and we will face the consequences with more deaths of Americans for it.

I must agree with them.

That said, Iran has been trying to goad us into war for years.  They believe that we are the Great Satan (and Israel is the Little Satan) and they want to kill Americans in order to immanentize the Shia Islam eschaton.

That is why, despite the fact that Iran and Iraq fought a war for eight years, Iranians were happy to jump into Iraq to fight Americans.  Any opportunity to kill Americans they will take.


We need to make Iran stop attacking us and arming proxies to attack us.

We also don’t want to start a ground war with Iran and it’s half-million man sized army.

Fortunately for the United States, two Jews figured out a solution to this conundrum back in 1951.

Doctors Edward Teller and Stanislaw Ulam discovered that the radiation pressure of thermal x-rays generated by the fission of Uranium-235 could be used to compress heavy hydrogen isotopes, in the form of tritium gas and lithium deuteride, into a fusion reaction forming helium.

The current generation of this technology is known as the W-88 with a standard yield of 475 kt.

A current-generation Trident II missile can deliver eight of these on target from a range of 7,500 miles.

We could quite effectively defeat the Iranian military without having to put one pair of American boots on the ground for the Iranians to kill in an act of Jihad.

I know this might not fit the worldview of our national security “experts” in their think tanks and ivory towers, but it’s an option.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “I must agree with the hand wringing Leftists, but there is a solution to this problem”
  1. We have been in a technical state of war with Iran since November 4, 1979 since the taking of embassy by force is an act of war. Inasmuch as we have decided on no response or an asymmetrical response to this state of war, I say, fuck ’em. They called down the thunder and now they got it. We should have nuked these motherfuckers forty years ago.

  2. We gave Japan an ultimatum, in 1945, to surrender according to the Potsdam Declaration, or “expect a rain of ruin” such that no nation had ever endured. They did not surrender, even though more than 60 cities had been already leveled by conventional bombings from B-29’s.
    The two atomic bombs persuaded the Japanese to surrender.
    It could possibly be that a similar strategy could cause the Iranians to be persuaded to come to terms, by using a similar ultimatum.
    But, the repercussions of an attack might be more horrific than we can imagine.
    Sober deliberation is needed here.

  3. As I wrote 13 1/2 years ago:

    “[…] But I once again reminded them that history knows who the winners and losers are. The Islamic Caliphates of the past were not run by inept men. They managed to conquer almost half of Europe by the sixteenth century. These men were brutal—and utterly and shamelessly ruthless. They could just as easily slit your infidel throat, sell your wife and daughters into slavery, or allow you to be a dhimmi, out of the goodness of their hearts. It took enormous will, perseverance, and brutality to drive the Ottomans away from the capitals of Europe then, and it will take the same to be victorious today against the folks espousing the new Caliphate.

    “If there’s one lesson to be learned from what is happening today in the Middle East it’s this: Nothing—not negotiations, not talking, not the UN, not cease-fires—will achieve victory over the terrorists, save the sword. Hizbullah, Hamas, Lebanon, Syria, Iran all of them, understand a language that we in the West (save Israel) are, it seems, very reluctant to speak.”

    Now we’ve spoken it.

    1. Savages know only one language: force. If you do not meet force with force they will continue to aggress.

      Kipling was right:

      It is wrong to put temptation in the path of any nation,
         For fear they should succumb and go astray;
      So when you are requested to pay up or be molested,
         You will find it better policy to say: –

      “We never pay any-one Dane-geld,
         No matter how trifling the cost;
      For the end of that game is oppression and shame,
         And the nation that plays it is lost!”

  4. Traditionally, and according to all the rules of diplomacy, officially sending official government dudes into Iraq to fight against the Iraqi government is itself an act of war.
    Iran’s sovereignty ends at the Iraqi border. Once he crossed, he was an unlawful combatant and a 100% legal target.

  5. One inconvenient truth that has been consistently overlooked here is that both England and France are likely to be dominated by islamists within a few years.
    Both countries having nuclear arsenals; as soon as the islamists gain control over those arsenals, what might be expected?
    Glad I’m the age I am!

  6. I am anti-war with Iran, but not for the reason the outrage crowd is.
    I was a kid when we went into Afghanistan after 9/11 and again in Iraq. We were there for-friggin-ever and accomplished nothing but wasting tax dollars and American lives.
    I don’t care about the Iranians, the Iraqis, etc. ad nauseum. They’re perfectly happy killing each other as they’ve done for all recorded history and our efforts will never stop them. I want us to back out of the Sandlands entirely and let ’em duke it out while our boys and money are at home.
    And if they f*ck with us, don’t send in the troops, just glass them so hard they will never recover. That’s the only language they understand anyway: pure, overwhelming force. I guarantee that one nation will try it, and the rest will learn by their example. The ‘international community’ will frown on it, but they’re less than useless anyway, so who cares about their opinion.

  7. 475kt is noob tier. If the Soviets could come up with a 50MT (which could have just as easily been 100MT with an additional reaction stage that was disabled for the test), then modern American can sure as hell do better.

    1. The tsar bomb was so big the plane could barely carry it. It’s more effective to launch more smaller warheads which can’t be shot down than a massive nuke that any interceptor aircraft can knock out of the sky.

      The W88 is less than 6 feet long and only 2 feet in diameter. We can fill the sky with them.

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