So Robert Francis O’Rourke thinks that best way to help the people of Central America and Mexico is with more foreign aid.  That is on top of the $74.3 Billion in remittances they already received from their expatriates living in our country.

If we are going to spend tax payer money on this issue, here is my suggestion.

Spend that money on Raytheon, ATK, General Dynamics, Boeing, and the rest of the American defense industry by dropping heavy ordnance on the cartels and gangs causing the problems that these people are fleeing.

MS-13 is every bit as horrific as ISIS.  How about instead of bombing Syria, we bomb El Salvador for a while.

Find the fields where the cartels grow their drugs and drop the best defoliants the grandchildren of those Nazi bastards over at Bayer can develop on them, and the gang members too.

Nothing says “stop trafficking drugs into our country” more effective than having your chromosomes torn apart by the carcinogens uses to wilt the leaves of your marijuana and coca crop.

Yes, I’m a cruel fucker, and I really don’t care.

If you don’t think there is hisotrical precident for this, you are wrong.

Long before General George S. Patton was General Patton, he was Lieutenant Patton.

Francisco “Pancho” Villa launched attacks into the United States during his war in the north as part of the Mexican Revolution.

As a freshly commissioned officer, Patton let troops in the Punitive Expedition to kill or capture Villa’s lieutenants who were causing havoc in Texas.

It ended up, in typical Patton style, with Patton on a horse, shooting Mexicans with dual wielding 45 caliber revolvers.

If the Mexican cartels are coming across the border, killing our people, than a Pershing style Punitive Expedition, I believe, is warranted.

Kill the cartels and gang members as enemy combatants in their own countries, drag their corrupt leaders to the Hague for trail for crimes against humanity, and let the nations right themselves.

Personally, if we are going to spend billions of dollars (which seems unavoidable at this point), I’d rather it go to making warheads in Alabama and New Mexico than foreign aid payments to corrupt narco-state leaders or welfare to economic migrants escaping these narco-state banana republics.


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “I propose a different solution to the refugee crisis”
  1. Maybe a few billion of that “foreign aid” could go o Mexico to build a wall on the Honduran border?

  2. The only way to stop the drug trade is at its demand base. That means isolating and treating the addicts, and making casual drug use here in America socially unacceptable. Except that will never happen or be successful even if we tried. Just look at our last attempt with Prohibition.

    As long as there are Americans demanding drugs, there will be someone – Americans or Foreigners supplying them. There are also assholes that think creating drug addicted victims is a good thing for themselves and their power base. Just another intersectional victim base for them to exploit. They will sabotage and mock any efforts to educate people to not do drugs. Remember how they ridiculed Nancy Reagan and “Just Say No”? Some people did not want certain populations to stop doing drugs because drugs are one way to keep them poor, victimized, and subservient.

    Drugs are also an valve used by the totalitarians and progressives to keep their populations under control. Just look at Russia and its Vodka. Urban America and its weed. Appalachia and its opiates. Get Drunk or High and ignore how messed up your city is and how miserable it makes you.

    1. One reason no effective solution against the highly profitable illegal drugs trade is made is that it would stop the bribe payments to all the public officials who keep the current regimen in place.
      It’s true that attempting to stop the supply won’t help with the demand. But I wonder about the calls to stop the demand when, as you point out, it’s clear from precedent that this doesn’t work. Remember that organized crime got a big boost from Prohibition, and that the DEA is an offshoot of Prohibition.
      Alcohol is a social problem of moderate scale but not a criminal problem. It doesn’t support a criminal class of violent smugglers and bribed officials (at least not to a significant extent). But it did during Prohibition; the difference is that then it was illegal and now it is not.

  3. Right on Sir! I been sayin for months the “caravans” could be deterred by one A10 Warthog…

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