Fucking assholes.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “I propose the word “Covidbaggers” to describe these people”
  1. These people suck on an different level.
    I wanted to buy a house this year, and all these outsiders have driven the price up!

    Go back, all of you.

  2. “Rules are for the proletarians, *NOT* the nomenclature! Back to your hovels, proles!”

    Wretched Whitler strikes again!

    Although, to be fair, she (surprisingly) pushed back against the CDC drone on shutdown.

  3. First thing IL’s fatass governor did when locking down the state last year was fly his family to Florida to their estate there.

  4. And the new name I give to Joe/Karen citizen who lives and breathes mask/shutdown rules is “branch covidian”

  5. If it was just a visit, that is a freedom we all should have. If moving there, HECK no! Go back to the state you broke and STAY THERE!

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