NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Are the new Tennessee license plates being sent to motorists across the state invisible to some license plate recognition cameras being used in some cities?

That’s a question state officials and local law enforcement agencies are now asking.

By now, you have undoubtedly seen Tennessee’s newest license plate. It’s blue with white letters with the state seal in the middle.

On Wednesday, Feb. 2, around 1:51 am, Holman said thieves broke into numerous cars around his home. He went to his LPR cameras to see if he could find some license tags so the police could investigate.

Holman said he knew the time of the crime, but when he checked his system, nothing was coming up.

He did a more thorough check, and that is when he discovered that at night the new Tennessee license tags are blurry or even invisible to his LPR system.

Possible flaw in new TN license plates under investigation | What’s the concern? (

And just when certain locales in TN approved License Plate Readers for their police departments. Ain’t that a shame?

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By Miguel.GFZ

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2 thoughts on “I really don’t see a problem”
  1. I read that story last night and it’s hilarious.

    There are no police agencies that are complaining their ALPRs can’t read the new plates.
    It’s just this one dude who rolled his own ALPR.
    Judging by the pictures he provided, his ALPR isn’t even angled properly to reliably capture the plates in the first place.

    This is kind of like someone 3D printing a glock and then calling the media to say that the glocks the cops carry are unreliable and the frames can snap after just a few hundred rounds.

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