San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin was recalled.

Loudoun County prosecutor Biberaj was disqualified by a judge.

Now in Philadelphia:


I took a good ling time but the realization has struck too many people that you need to enforce the law or society comes apart.  The Woke prosecutors may say things that sound like they have the best and most noble intentions but in practice everything goes to shit.

Yes, you and I know that it was always going to go to shit under them but Liberal/Leftist privilege means being judged on your words and not your actions.

That is until the ramifications of their actions became overwhelming and unavoidable by all but the most privileged and sheltered Leftists.

Three down.  Plenty more to go.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “I said momentum was building against woke prosecutors”
  1. This is one of those cases where I’d be glad to have been proven overly pessimistic.
    Good news!

  2. George Gascon, the DA of Los Angeles and another of Soros’s pile-o-poop picks, is facing probable recall as well.

    However, let’s not get cocky.

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