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This is why I think so many people are fighting so hard for permanent lockdown.

My last week of unemployment was the first week of the federal unemployment subsidy.

I received $278 from my usual Alabama unemployment and $600 from the subsidy.  That is $878 for a week.  In two weeks that would be $1756.

A check of $1756 bi-weekly is equivalent to an pre-tax salary of $55,000 per year or almost $26.50 per hour

If you are a non-essential worker with a salary of less than $55,000 per year and you qualified for maximum unemployment, you make more doing nothing under COVID than you do working.

I suspect that this is why there have been cases of employees ratting out their bosses for keeping jobs open.  Because they want an extended paid vacation at a higher salary.

They can say “you’re killing grandma” but really, they don’t want the gravy train of collecting an entry-level engineer’s salary for watching Netflix all day to end.

The problem is, that is killing business owners and people who have (government declared) non-essential jobs that make more than $55,000 per year.

This is the rumble.

The people for whom the COVID lockdown is a gravy train, backed by the socialists calling themselves Democrats versus the people for whom the COVID lockdown is a financial death sentence backed by the Republicans.

Only one side will win.  The question is: can we sort that out without shooting each other.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “I saw a Tweet that explains why the big igloo may be inevitable”
  1. If this does pop off I’m confident in saying that it’ll most likely be started by a Lefty civilian or a cop from one of these mini-dictator’s states that’ll be stupid or brainwashed enough to shoot first. Which will be immediately followed by all the Dems and MSM blaming the incident on lockdown protesters, conservatives and Trump.

  2. And…

    The problem with socialism, communism is not the intent. What is better than the idea that everyone works to better the community? Sounds good to me. Those with more help out those with less, etc…. It’s what the Bible teaches, right?

    But…. Wait! It leaves out the fact that the fundamental driving factor of human activity is greed. (Or strong self interest). If given the choice between working hard, and getting the equivalent of a $55K a year salary, or petitioning the government to give you the same amount, most folks will chose the second.

    Examples abound. But, I personally know several people who want this to continue indefinitely because summer is coming up, and close to $1000 a week will make it a very enjoyable one.

    1. You’re being too kind.
      The problem with socialism, and its close relative communism, IS the intent. What you’re talking about is half the intent, the part that’s prominent in their propaganda — giving to the poor and afflicted. The other half is not mentioned, but is the problem — taking from others without their consent.
      Robbery is not charity, even though in both someone is a beneficiary. The intent of socialism is robbery.
      The Bible doesn’t teach robbery but charity — giving voluntarily from one’s own resources, not “giving” using things taken from innocent bystanders.

    2. GREED and SLOTH.

      Something I read once a while ago, I don’t recall precisely where, was the idea that within constraints, human weaknesses work.

      Greed and such, when set into a framework of commerce, overcomes sloth and generates industriousness. Lust, set in the confines of a marriage, results in whole families and another generation. And so on.

  3. Our local news has covered a salon owner in town, who opened back up on Tuesday — and has every day since — by appointment only, to support her family, and has publicly stated that she will fight whatever consequences the city and state send her way. Lawyers have come out offering to represent her.

    She’s had a large group of protesters outside her business in support of her unapologetic stance. By the signs, they are mostly conservative.

    Those protesters were not organized in any way. They just showed up and continue to do so.

    If they were Leftists or Antifa, that would be no surprise. But they’re not.

    I think TPTB should take notice of this. Conservative protests in blue-state Oregon tend to be relatively sparsely populated. Unlike Leftists, we have day jobs and can’t attend them all like we want to.

    Except that now, we don’t all have day jobs to go to. Suddenly, there’s a large population of conservatives that can appear at a protest at the drop of a hat.

    It’s almost like conservatives were always there, just not always vocal and so not always noticed. Or something.

    But I doubt TPTB will get the message.

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