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8 thoughts on “I see the ammo situation is not improving”
  1. Ammo will flow again. Maybe not soon, but it will flow.

    What may not flow is magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. You can bet your bottom dollar that a ban on those is coming.

    If you are looking in your gun safe and thinking that you could use a few spares, buy them now. The Dems are not stupid enough to put an end date into the next AWB.

    Yeah, we can live with 10 round magazines. But why do so when you do not have to?

  2. Worse that that, components, specifically primers, are effectively unavailable, which means all calibers other than the most common are effectively unusable. My inquires to the manufacturers always get the same response, “we’re doing the best we can to keep up with demand”. I get this. What I don’t get is why they can’t provide some small amount of primers for sale as components in addition to complete ammunition. Perhaps it’s paranoia, but the ammo companies make a higher markup on completed ammo than components, and so long as demand is high enough in completed ammo to commit their entire production capacity, they’re not going to have any financial incentive to carve out sections of that capacity, no matter how small, for components. It may be a very long time before we’ll be able to shoot anything other than 9 mm, .223, and .45 acp.

    1. I keep asking how hard it would be to start a new primer manufacturing business. It doesn’t seem that this should be terribly difficult. For one thing, the tolerances involved are not as tight as they are for, say, the powder quantities going into cartridges.
      I’m slightly tempted to consider taking it up myself, except for the fact I have zero background in manufacturing.

      A somewhat related question is how hard it would be for a basement chemist to create personal-use quantities of crude but useable primers. I don’t know modern primer chemistry, but I know some of the older — now largely obsolete — options like mercury fulminate. That one is really easy to make.

  3. “ I don’t have to worry about this because I reload.”

    How long is your supply of primers going to last you?

    I don’t expect things improving until 2022. If it’s even legal to buy guns and ammo by then.

  4. I am buying shotgun shells. They’re now comparatively cheaper than most other ammo! I’m an experienced reloader and can remove the shot and put in a lighter load of larger shot if I start running low on self-defense ammo. Even 5 or 6 buckshot is a heckuva defensive load, at short ranges. I’ll probably never do this, but it would be a marked improvement over a load of 7-1/2 birdshot.

    I also expect the ammo and components drought to last at least a year, and probably much longer.

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