The porcine kind. 17 pounds to be precise.

Seasoned with my secret recipe of rub spices which you have read about plenty times before and can be bought commercially. The mustard acts as binder to keep the rub in place and allegedly adds no flavor and truly I have not noticed.


These are the butts after 5 hours of smoking with hickory and about to be wrapped. My “wrap is to place them in a disposable aluminum pan and cover with foil so I don’t lose the juices and the butt remains very moist. MY apologies, but I forgot to take a picture of that step. They went back in for another 4 hours and 40 minutes of very moderate heat (220 F to 250 F)

The butts are done. One is already shredded and the other one intact for comparison purposes.

Final weight of pulled pork was 10.5 lbs. A bit over a pound of fat was trimmed prior seasoning and the bones were almost a pound, so we rendered almost 5 pounds in the process.

I calculate that this particular batch came just some cents over $4 a pound. I had mentioned a lower amount in another post, but pork prices went up about 40 cents since the last time I made pulled pork. Still beats the hell out of my local BBQ pit who went on from $11 to almost $14 a pound.

And before you ask, here is the recipe I follow as base. I may have added my particular touches, but you cannot go wrong here.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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