Yesterday, I brought you the news that AOC said that Vice President Mike Pence “literally does not believe in science.”

I said this was wrong, stunk of anti-observant Christian bigotry, and a non-serious way of talking about science.

AOC has been a huge proponent of “trans rights.”  Yesterday the news broke that some beefy fucking dude who won several woman’s weightlifting medals while breaking several world records because he identifies as a woman is one step closer to making it to the Tokyo Olympics as a female weightlifter.

Who needs doping when you have so much natural testosterone that you have male-pattern baldness?

Ted Cruz decided to reply snarkily to AOC with this question about science vs. articles of progressive faith.

AOC defended herself to cheers of “yassss queen” from Progressives.

From her statement ” I hold awards from MIT Lincoln Lab &others for accomplishments in microbiology” you’d think that she’s a laboratory researcher or professor of microbiology.  No, she won second place in a high school science fair.  It may be a prestigious one, but that’s it.

From the article that she links that quotes her:

“Alumni of the International Science and Engineering Fair… have gone on to create major companies, win the Nobel Prize, and now Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has become the youngest member of Congress,” said Maya Ajmera, president and CEO of the Society for Science & the Public, and publisher of Science News.

“We expect that the lessons she learned during ISEF—the importance of evidence-based science, clear communication and team work—will translate well in her work on Capitol Hill.”

AOC is taking scientific credit by proxy.  She hasn’t started a biotech company.  She hasn’t won a Nobel Prize.  She won a science fair.

This is the scientific acumen that she brings to the table when discussing things like the Green New Deal.

Clearly, she puts Progressive ideology over evidence.  She may have graduated “cum laude dual major in Economics & International Relations” but she openly supports policies that have been economic disasters since the October Revolution in 1917.

She rants against the United States, but the US has reduced its CO2 emissions on its own far more than any of the Paris Accord signatories.  China, which she never mentions, is increasing its CO2 emissions.

There is not a reputable scientist talking about energy policy that has not made the point that the US cannot generate all of its electricity carbon-free without major reliance on nuclear power, but the Green New Deal bans nuclear power.

AOC has weaponized science into something that she believes in even when she doesn’t and her opponents don’t, even when they are more technically correct than she is.

It’s times like this that I want to run and get elected so I can Tweet:

BS in Chemical Engineering
MS in Materials Engineering
PhD in Materials Science
PE in Metallurgical Engineering
Published in peer-reviewed journals on the topic of materials science
American Society for Testing and Materials committee member

The United States cannot generate sufficient carbon-free power on renewables alone.  Nuclear power must be part of the equation. 

I know that won’t mean much to ideologues like her, but we have to fight the narrative that her side is the pro-science side when it clearly is not.

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By J. Kb

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