Yes, the response has been people mocking it relentlessly.

From the Washington Times:

The multitalented comedian and writer’s “A Better Man” is scheduled to come out in the fall of 2019, Algonquin Books told The Associated Press on Tuesday. The book will be an open letter to his teenage son that calls for “rethinking masculinity” and how to love and be loved.

I’ve covered Michael Ian Black’s twitter temper tantrums here before.

He’s an anti-NRA loon who calls the NRA “terrorists” and says he wants to take our guns from our cold dead hands.  He thinks Trump is Orange Hitler and everybody who supports him in any way is a total Nazi.

He is the very definition of “toxic internet tough guy.”

He’s the Harvey Weinstein of feminists.

He says all the right things on social media so he has bought the virtue signaling indulgences to be a horribly shitty person in real life.

He can be a mean spirited cock because he directs that at gun owners and Conservatives.

This is how he things he can write a book about “toxic masculinity.”

For him, that is holding a door open for a woman and being able to change a tire because those are “traditional” masculine roles and therefore Conservative.

He donates to Planned Parenthood and things the government should provide free tampons to trans women so he’s within his moral right to harass a Republican woman.

His book will be more of a How To than anything else.

“If you don’t sit with your legs spread to wide on a Subway, you can say you hope Trump’s female Press Secretary gets raped.”

This is who he is.

I feel sorry for his son.

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By J. Kb

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