Kimberly Strassel is a decent reporter.  She started a Twitter thread about those going after gun rights following the last few mass shootings.

She sent one Tweet which was insightful but I think she missed the point with it.

She is correct, gun rights are as much valued Constitutional rights as free speech or voting or privacy.

The issue is that those who oppose gun rights need to dismiss those who are for gun rights as a problem because the end game is to dismiss those who are for free speech rights or freedom of religion or privacy as a problem too.

Look at their track record.

In the last few years, we have seen an attack on those business owners who for religious reasons did not want to participate in gay marriages or provide abortifacients as part of their company’s healthcare.

The Left denounced them as bigots and misogynists.

The entirety of the microaggression movement has been to say that free speech is actually physically harmful to people.  This has been particularly taken up by the gender warriors of the Left with the use of non-gendered language or preferred pronouns.

This allows the Left to dismiss those who favor free speech as people who are being violent or harmful and need to shut up.

Recently, we’ve seen the use of revealing political contributions – which are protected free speech – used as tools of intimidation, by targeting business owners as bigots.

Since 2016, we’ve seen an attack on the Electoral College and Senate representation.

If the can topple gun rights by getting the public to dismiss pro-gun people as the problem, they can topple voting, religious, and free speech rights using the same argument.

Strassel’s Tweet assumes that the Left respects these other rights and what they need to do is understand other people respect gun rights just as much.

The problem is the Left doesn’t respect these other rights so such an appeal is useless.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “I think Kimberly Strassel missed the point”
  1. Everything a conservative or a deplorable says is hate speech and should be banned, religion is the cause of white supremacists and should be regulated, buy more ammo

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