Give it six months.

“We understand that lots of people can’t work from home, so to deal with rising fuel prices, we encourage workers to live at work and reduce their commutes. Companies will receive tax incentives to provide living arrangements for employees.”

The Democrats are digging every terrible economic idea out of history, why not reintroduce Company Towns.

When you live at work you won’t need a car.

You will live in your employee issued pod.

You will eat bugs

You will own nothing and be happy.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “I think the new Democrat policy has dropped”
    1. Just so. I was reminded of that song a few years ago, back in Silicon Valley, as the new corporate model became clear: live in corporate housing, take the corporate bus to work, eat in the corporate cafeteria, get health care on the corporate plan, and if you lose your job you’re SOL.
      (Today’s college grads are pretty much indentured servants anyway, what with all those oh-so-generous student loans. With a big debt load, one dares not venture off the plantation.)
      Getting rid of the housing and bus and just having the workers sleep in their cubicles is a small step.

  1. What the CCP has reinvented here isn’t exactly company towns, because when you lived in a company town you could leave after hours. The better analogy, not surprisingly, is Nazi slave labor camps. And it’s not surprising the CCP would do this because after all they have been running slave labor camps elsewhere in the country for years now. For that matter, arguably the whole country is a slave labor camp.


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