Ukraine is not my country.

I have no desire to fight and die in the defense of Ukraine, and it seems like the Ukrainian people are doing a decent job of defending themselves.

I own weapons for the very same reason that the Ukrainian government has been handing out machine guns, to defend myself and my nation from tyranny.

So please continue to insult me and call me names for owning guns here and not flying to Ukraine to fight overthere.

And please keep telling me that I shouldn’t complain about wearing a mask or obeying every other demonstrably useless Covid restriction because Ukrainians are defending themselves from invasion.

I don’t know what you hope to accomplish but I don’t think it will work.

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By J. Kb

16 thoughts on “I told you Ukraine would be a cudgel”
        1. It may be crap, but Twitter has a huge participation, and a great many of them take the opinions on Twitter to be representative of real life.

        2. Sounds like the radar outpost on Hawaii that spotted the Japanese aircraft incoming to Pearl.
          “Oh, just ignore it. Maybe it’s something harmless.”

    1. Who cares?
      Literally hundreds of thousands of people on twitter who hate you for owning guns and standing up for your freedoms. That is who cares. 8300 people cared enough to like the first tweet, and god knows how many people read it and did not bother liking it.
      Do not be dismissive and ignore your enemy telling you their plans. Ignoring your enemy when they foreshadow their hand results in your losing.

  1. Funny how tyrannical ruling here is confused with FREEDOM. Another example of our “educated “ citizens… fuk em. Shiite starts here they will be running in circles lookin for the right bathroom..

    1. Don’t look now, but shiite started here two years ago. A hundred or more cities burned, dozens dead, a Capitol with a fence around it being guarded by thousands of troops, and hundreds of people sitting in Federal prison being held without trial for trespassing in a building that they were allowed into by police.

      1. That’s the problem isn’t it? Conservatives haven’t faced the FACTS, that we, as individuals and a nation, are in a fight for survival. The fascists will not give any quarter in this war, face the truth of what is happening.

  2. Because it is the one and only thing LIBTURDS can do, lash out with insults. They are unable to logically process why Freemen would be so armed.

    But make no mistake, they would be hiding behind and praying for armed individuals to protect them if what is taking place in Ukraine were to happen here.

  3. Wonder why these panty-wearing feminist don’t go defend womens and gay right in Iran? I mean they talk a good game but when it comes time to put up or shut up, they just bend over like the simps they are.

  4. Wasn’t there also a time where antifa wanted us to go fight the cops in their liberal hellholes? How about no, lol

  5. I have my weapons to deal with the people who post stupidity like that. They are an existential threat to this country.
    Not Russians. Not Ukrainans. Not my monkeys, not my circus.

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