Ukrainians ‘taping looters to lamp posts as they try to capitalise on Russian invasion’

Ukrainians have resorted to taping looters to lamp posts and telephone poles after local media services reported spikes in looting during the Russian invasion, it has been reported.

Taking matters into their own hands, Ukrainian locals have banded together to start taping looters up to telephone poles and lamp posts in the hopes of stopping them from capitalising on the Russian invasion.

“Locals are trying to stop the looters and bandits by themselves.”


People like order and when government fails to enforce order the people will do it themselves, and generally harsher than government.

In this case I don’t blame the Ukrainian government because it has bigger fish to fry.

So the people are dealing with the problem directly.

In California, the government has failed to enforce the law because of political ideology.

I’d love nothing more than to see an uprising where when customers see some piece-of-shit stuffing a trash bag full of stuff at a store, they gang rush the piece-of-shit and duct tape him to a light pole.

In some cases the Ukrainians are stripping the looters naked before taping them up.  A bare ass exposed in the Ukrainian winter.

I’m thinking a bare ass exposed to a southern California sun in summer will be extra incentive not to reoffend.

In such cases the slow response time of the police is a benefit.

“Hello, 9-1-1, there is a looters taped to a telephone poll outside the CVS.”

“We will have an officer respond sometime tomorrow.”

This is frontier justice I can get behind.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “I want to see this Ukrainian tactic in the United States”
  1. There are videos of “militias” stopping people and shooting them, dragging them out of cars and shooting them and then shooting people in the back that try and run away from these killers.

    All in the name of fighting against the Russians.

    I have seen other videos from people tied to posts and whipped with a belt by some bystanders, but these were not marodeurs but allegedly pro-Russian people or Russian nationals.

    So you don’t get to cherry-pick your propaganda because if you do want things like the above you also get the things that are also happening but don’t get the PR because they don’t fit into the narrative of the heroic Ukrainian struggle.

    The situation in the Ukraine is ugly and it is helping no-one to witewash the events to uphold a BigBadEvilGuy.

    1. “you don’t get to cherry-pick your propaganda”
      Propaganda is being cherry-picked for us. Big Tech is censoring identifiable Russian channels, while boosting Ukrainian channels. The Pestilence provided plenty of practice in such matters.
      We’ll know they’ve gone full American Protective League when they shut down channels like Garage 54 just for being Russian.

    2. You make a fair point, I think. It highlights, to me, the need to remain skeptical of, and questioning re the motivation for, any information that comes out of that area, from either side.

  2. Hm. Sort of like a modern improvised stockade. I kind of like it.
    But if implemented in California I fear the people doing the taping would eventually see a much harsher punishment.

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