I said Thomas Massie was a cunt and I was right.

He’s a huge fucking cunt.


He’s a red cunt hair short of saying “the Jews bought Congress with their filthy Jew money,” but he doesn’t cross the line.

He just gives the antisemitic conspiracy theories a wink and a nod, then falls back to his Very Libertarian Principles.™

He let’s his followers say it for him.

According to Open Secrets, Israel is rabked number nine for foreign lobbying dollars, after Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.

Chins, of course, takes the top spot.


The pro-Israel industry doesn’t crack the top twenty lobbying industries.


And nothing said in that ad was wrong.

He has consistently been the line Republican who voted with the Squad on the topic of Israel.

But he’s standing on his Very Libertarian Principles in siding with the Hamas Caucus against the Jews and their “most aggressive lobbyists.”

Fucking Jew-hating Libertarian cunt.




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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “I was right about Massie”
  1. Having been all over the Internet in IRC, Discord etc. I have seen a quietly increasing number of people who are suspicious, if not hostile, of Jews & Israel, I think I really understand why. If you ask any one serious into the pro-gun side of things who the most hated anti-gun politicians are? You’ll usually get a lot of Jewish surnames crop up. Bloomberg, Schumer, Feinstein are three of the most hated persons in the progun community. I have been told that least 40% of the anti-gun organization staff is Jewish. In fact, the JPFO has a page entitled “Why do Jews Hate Guns?”

    It goes well past gun politics & you’ll find literally piles Jewish surnames in various woke academia & blatantly anti-white, anti-freedom activism. The ADL is a joke now. They’re politics are just leftist horseshit. Utterly subsumed by far left political control.

    Now, I, understand the link between these groups is not Jewish religious, ethnicity, or ancestry, but Marxism. That Marxism is a mark of the educated wealthy leftist urban culture to which many Jews in media, politics, or other influential industries belong. I get it. They’re Marxists first, Jews second,(often a distant second). Even the JPFO article sounds basically like they’re just describing urban leftists. However, these Marxists are perfectly happy to use their ancestry as a bludgeon to get what they want. I think you’d agree that many of them are only devout Jews when it is extremely useful to be so.

    A lot of people, conservatives or people in the middle don’t really get this. They see the name & they make assumptions. Many of them having been seriously beat down. Told they’re awful. Bullied on campuses & in social media. So then when they see many of those same people getting the same… They don’t have much sympathy. In some ways, I agree. I don’t have sympathy for Marxists getting roasted alive by their own people. I have all the compassion for those Jews who are not politically in line with their more famous leftist brethren. I whole heartily believe in Never Again backed with every weapon imaginable.

    Now, here’s my questions to you: How the fuck do we get over the PR nightmare? How do we get people to understand Marxism as the real common factor? I’m screaming myself horse over on this. Thank you.

    1. I have no idea. The people who want to believe that this is a Jewish conspiracy and not a Leftist power grab will believe it regardless of facts and data.

    2. I dunno how to address the question, but I’ll just note here some of those public figures act about as Jewish as Biden and Pelosi act Catholic. The ancestral religion is a mask, not a way of life nor a moral guide.
      (And now we have mobs of fake Jews blocking roads in the name of Progressive causes. Wunnerful.)

      1. Yep. Expanding on what Roadkill said: Leftists/Marxist first, [insert religious group] a distant second.
        They are Jews and Catholics as much as a man who “identifies as female” is a 10-year-old girl.

  2. Those lobbying numbers have some surprises in them. Marshall Islands shows up above Israel. That’s a tiny country in the Pacific, 42,000 people — so that’s $5k per person just to lobby the USA. Perhaps they can do that because we supply their defense, they don’t have any of their own?

    1. A quick look makes him appear generally against it. Last year he was calling for a total halt of funding and asking that an audit be done on what had already been sent, and he seems to be consistently voting against Ukraine War related bills.

      1. Thanks Ribeye.
        I really do not follow the shenanigans of those from other states.
        If he is against all foreign aid, I can support that, just do not add anti-Jew libel to your justifications.

  3. I’m no massie Stan here or anything, but seems to be keeping with what he’s been consistent about, not involving ourselves elsewhere and not sending our money elsewhere.
    Anything even remotely critical of Israel is instantly called antisemitic, much like how racism is thrown around at everything. Idk how true what massie said is, it is a valid question though. Asking it doesn’t make it or him antisemitic.

    1. Yes, he’s consistent on not giving foreign aid. That’s what a lot of people use as evidence that his rejection of aid to Israel isn’t motivated by antisemitism.

      That is different that saying that the reason much of the rest of Congress gives foreign aid to Israel is because the Israel lobby buys off Congress. The same accusation that Omar used, but with fancier language.
      “The Jews own America with their Jew money is an antisemitic trope.”

      He didn’t condemn Hamas or the antisemitic chants on college campuses with a yes vote that cost no money, allocated no funds, and spent nothing. He couldn’t simply condemn antisemitism with words on paper.

      1. I think I answered quite reasonably in your prior post why using the the federal government’s official power/authority to condemn 1st amendment activity is bad. It’s bad when it is done to “us” and it is bad when “we” do it to other people.
        You are also straw manning him. He says they get a disproportionate amount of aid compared to other countries because of aggressive lobbying. He didn’t say anything in the provided tweet that they spent the most money. The provided chart of lobbying dollar spent is irrelevant to what he actually said in the tweet; if anything it makes his point for him, Israel spends LESS money and gets more aid. It seems like you are the one finding the insinuation this is a reference to the various conspiracies about jews and money, seems kinda antisemetic to me. /sarc
        I personally have no evidence one way or the other if he is or isn’t antisemetic, maybe he actually is; certainly can’t say one way or the other by the two things you posted. But, if you go looking for isms everywhere, you are gonna find isms everywhere. It isn’t any better just because you are doing it this time instead of the usual suspects.
        Also guilt by association is stupid here, the whole stopped clock is right twice a day thing man. Pretty soon we are all gonna be nazis because we drink water and hitler did. It isn’t useful for actually figuring our who your enemies are to just call everyone an enemy because of a coincidental or circumstantial association.

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