Head down under, go all John Wick on some dog murdering statists, relax on a beach with bikini-clad locals liberated from tyranny drinking beer and eating barbecue.

I’m willing to put together a crack team of dog and freedom loving Americans who would enjoy a long weekend of slotting COVID fascists, if some Aussies are willing to crowd source the cost of a private plane to Down Under.

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By J. Kb

14 thoughts on “I will absolutely volunteer to invade and liberate Australia”
  1. What they did to those animals … I hope people learn their names and remember who they are. I hope their children spit at the sound of their names. I hope their partners and spouses shun them from now on.

  2. Add my name to the roster. I don’t need to take time off from work, I work remotely.
    Eliminate statist bastards in the morning, relax with the Aussie cuties in the afternoon, put in 3-4 hours on the remote terminal , then 6 hours sleep.
    Get up and do it all again until the problem is solved. Works for me.

  3. I got ten more days of vacation to spend. I can probably pop in for a bit.

    I don’t really want to type what I’m thinking about this, because there’s a lot of profanity involved.

  4. If it prevents at one case of covid the government of Australia would be perfectly fine going to every single solitary animal shelter and shooting and killing every single animal in every one. And then shooting the protestors outside.

  5. The Aussies may not have guns…
    But every damn thing there wants to kill you.
    Turn bags of those Brownies Loose in the…well.
    They should Weaponize what they have.haha.

  6. Sad, and I would definitely contribute, but let’s focus on liberating our own country. We’re a couple of months away from being Australia. The left claims there is a “Pandemic of the unvaccinated”. The left is ready to wage war on people who disagree with taking the jab. There used to be freedom to choose your own path in this country.

  7. I just realized something….
    We’re hearing that the virus can infect cats and deer, and it supposedly came from bats, perhaps by way of pangolins. I’d been thinking for a while now that the demand for universal “vaccination” – to eradicate the virus and prevent further mutations – was kinda futile, ’cause how ya gonna vaccinate all the bats and pangolins and whatever else it can infect?
    Now it hits me. “Animal rights” activists have been pushing for decades for the extermination of all pets and livestock. And anyone remember that map of “where you’ll be allowed to live in North America a few decades hence”? Yeah: the globalist agenda calls for herding the entire human population (modulo those to whom the Rules don’t apply) into a few humans-only urban centers with no contact with nature except by special dispensation.
    So, yeah: killing a few dogs and locking people in their homes is just a preview. The plan is to kill all the pets, and to lock all the proles up forever.
    Am I wearing this tinfoil right?

  8. The problem is that the Aussie government that shoots dogs and takes children from their parents to forcibly stick needles in them were put in power by the people of Australia.

    I’m sure there’s a minority in Australia who don’t support their totalitarian government, but in a democracy…

    “Fifty-one percent of a nation can establish a totalitarian regime, suppress minorities and still remain democratic.”
    –Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn

    A society always gets the government it deserves.

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