‘What if he doesn’t make it through?’ Oklahoma toddler’s arm ripped off in brutal dog attack

An Oklahoma toddler is recovering in the hospital after he was mauled by a pit bull Friday night, Tecumseh police said.

“I’ve seen dog bites in the past and experience pretty brutal dog bites with children but never a complete amputation,” said Chief JR Kidney with the Tecumseh Police Department.

When an officer arrived at 4-year-old Axel Foster’s grandparents’ home, he found the toddler’s grandmother in the driveway. He was missing his right arm just below the shoulder, police said.

The officer began applying his tourniquet from his vest. Tecumseh firefighters also arrived and began assisting with the tourniquet. Axel’s arm was missing.

“The child’s arm was still in the pen,” said Chief Kidney.

“I could see the arm inside, and one of the puppies was trying to chew on it,” said Officer Aaron McCormick in a police report.”

“When officers and animal control attempted to retrieve the arm, the dog became aggressive to them,” said Chief Kidney.

Kidney told KFOR ultimately, the dog had to be put down. It was shot and killed.

The boy’s arm could not be reattached.

The boy was trying to pet some puppies when the dog attacked.

Let me make this very clear:

If you have a pit bull near my children I will kill it.

I won’t be cruel about it.  I will use a gun of  sufficient caliber to ensure a quick and relatively painless death.

I’m just being honest with you about what will happen.

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By J. Kb

20 thoughts on “I will kill your pit bull”
  1. JkB have you ever been anywhere near a Pitbull, I doubt it, sounds like you only have ignorance and fear. Any animal can be vicious, but it depends on how they are raised and treated. To have this attitude is sad, how would you like it if people treated others based on solely on appearance, or say or skin color, or religion

    1. I keep telling you that I have more experience with pit bulls than I’d like.

      They were common in Miami, despite being banned, owned by drug dealers and gang members for protecting drug stashes and dog fighting.

      How many news reports of children getting arms ripped off – let me say that again, ARMS RIPPED OFF – by the breed?

      Not Yellow Labs, or Golden Retrievers, or Beagles, or even Dobermans, or Rottweilers, or German Shepherds.

      It’s pit bulls and only pit bills that RIP THE ARMS OFF OF CHILDREN.

      Forgive me that I have a 4 year old and I have far more empathy for a 4 year old losing an arm than I do for a dog breed that has a history of RIPPING THE ARMS OFF OF CHILDREN.

    2. Dachshunds can be vicious, mean little bastards, Chihuahuas too, but I’ve never heard of them killing children. Pitbulls are not a good breed because they are vicious and incredibly powerful.

  2. My Dad got these two cute little mini ponies about a month ago. They were attacked by a pair of pit bulls on Sunday. One pony had to be put down because it’s jaw had been completely torn off with most of it’s neck ripped open. The second one might make it though it was also severely mauled. He said it was one of the most horrific things he’s ever seen.
    He chased off the dogs when he saw them, before he knew what they had done. He’s been trying to find where they came form or who they belong to but so far nothing. He lives in a rural area that has lots of pets, livestock, and families with kids, and now there’s two clearly bloodthirsty dogs out there that no one has been able to find.

  3. Thanks to retards like the ones JkB talks about, the breed’s personality has been shifted to excessive aggression. The dog genome is insanely mutable — it’s been called a shapeshifter — and it doesn’t take much work to breed in negative traits both physically and mentally. There are breeders trying to fix it but it takes time.

    I’d hate the necessity of shooting the dog, but I can’t blame JkB one bit.

  4. The dog isn’t responsible for itself. The owner is. Whoever trained the dog is. Whoever let the kid into a position to pet the puppies is.

    Save a few rounds for those people.

  5. A pit bull who “wouldn’t hurt a fly” suddenly attacked and killed my neighbor’s prize beagle.
    The authorities took the pit bull away and put it down.
    I hate pit bulls.

  6. I live in the country where we can solve a lot of our own problems. Shoot, shovel and shut up. Yes, I will shoot any aggressive dog on sight.

    1. Any Dog. Any Breed can go bad.

      Scumbags are purposefully breeding Pit Bulls that way.


      For Pkoning: Downtown Minneapolis. Asshole relases his pit bull to attack a golden lab across a busy street. Lab’s owner gets between pit bull and his dog. Pit Bull attacks the Lab’s owner, latching down on arm. Pit Bull’s Owner starts beating on the guy while the Pit Bull is tearing at his arm.

      The Pit Bull Owner and his Bitch pull guns and threaten the man and his wife as they retreat.

      Luckily it was cold and the Lab Owner had on 3 layers of clothing. He only had “some” nerve damage.

      You may have to put down the owner too.

  7. Pitt bulls are highly antisocial and will attack anything they aren’t careful trained to accept- even then they can be nearly as unstable as Chow are. Many breeds can be aggressive but few attack with lethal intent as quickly as Pitt bulls. The breed should be treated other unpredictable lethal exotic animals such lions or tigers.

    I worked door to door for years(cable guy) and have had to deal with many territorial dogs, most are just that-territorial and will act in a defensive manner. That can be in defense of themselves, their owners or the territory but most aggressive dogs will confront you and give a warning with a growl or bark giving you a chance to leave if you don’t act confrontational. Pitt bulls almost without exception attack without the warning(not a nip, they attack like wolfs hunt) often anything in sight they can reach that isn’t considered a friend.

    I blame the internet for making the breed popular too many save the dog campaigns featuring cute photos and no photos of the victims or videos of the animals behaving aggressively.

  8. My pit bull is a sweet gentle animal. If she attacks your child or even gets aggressive then by all means shoot her. If you shoot her for no reason other than that she’s a pittie then YOU get shot by ME.

  9. When did JKb join the ATF?

    Do you also plan to murder anyone carrying a gun nearby despite them not doing anything illegal or threatening?

  10. Most breeds are protective around their pups. I guess I’m not surprised by the outcome. Someone should have been responsible and kept the kid away from the pups. It is unfortunate the dog had to be put down but I understand that also. I’ve had dogs all my life and know better than to let an unsupervised kid around pups. Dumbass grandparents should be charged with assault. In a nutshell, the dog was protecting its pups. Why do you want to kill a dog for protecting its pups? Is that any different from you wanting to protect your children?

    1. I’ve never had to fight off a Cocker Spaniel guarding her pups. I’ve never had to fight off an ACD guarding her pups. I’ve never had to fight off any dog guarding its pups.

      But I’m going to blame the owners first, here. Pit bulls are often owned and raised specifically because they’re vicious (whether true of the entire breed or not). Those people often then train them to be vicious.

      The article says there were several dogs in the pen (and not just a dog and its puppies). It didn’t sound like the owner was a legitimate breeder. My guess? It’s an owner of questionable morals and legality who probably is a jerk and raises their dogs to be mean. And there’s probably a relationship of the owner to the child. IOW, this group of human beings is a bad sort and they were headed for something awful, regardless of the breed of dogs they keep.

  11. May I suggest that you keep strangers from getting between a mother dog and her puppies? Especially a mother dog larger than 10 pounds. May I further suggest that you keep toddlers away from large dogs unless you know what the fuck you are doing? And J. KB I have owned pits before and will again. So when and if I have dogs you are not welcome in my house.

  12. I’ll tell you this…you start shooting at my dogs, I will kill you.

    My dogs are members of my family and I feel just as strongly about them as you do your children. You attack them with deadly force and I will respond appropriately.

    I’m just trying to be honest with you about what will happen.

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