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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “I will not forgive or forget either”
  1. I have a few questions about this father’s tweets. He is blaming his son’s speech problems on others due to masks. Where was he when his son was beginning to talk? Why was he not correcting his son’s speech issues as he was learning, instead of waiting until a speech therapist was needed? Was he a sheeple wearing a mask at home that contributed to his son’s speech problems? Did he force his son to wear a mask at home?

    1. Kids sometimes need speech therapy regardless of what happens at home. Speech therapists don’t exist because some people are shitty parents, they exist because kids sometimes need help. Pretty sure this guy didn’t have his kid masked up given the nature of his statements.

      And I agree with his sentiment. I will NEVER forgive or forget what these people (almost all liberal Democrats) have done to this nation and it’s children.

    2. Really? You don’t know this guy. You don’t know his kid. You don’t know if he’s got developmental issues. But you come busting in and blame the dad?

      1. I am merely pointing out that the dad’s tweets leave some unanswered questions for me. After all, the guy is just now upset after TWO YEARS that the speech therapist was wearing a mask. That makes me suspect that he was fully in line with all of the BS mask advisories until recently when it finally became mainstream knowledge that it was useless. He also mentions, in capital letters, that it covers his son’s crucial development years which tells me that his son is likely under the age of five. So, barring some physical limitation of the son like deafness, it is reasonable to assume that masks were worn in the household while the son was just beginning to learn to speak.

  2. That’s not even touching all the deaf and partially deaf people who have been totally hosed during this time. A lot more people rely partially or fully on lip-reading than studies supposedly show.

  3. Even a minor speech difficulty takes lots of work, repetition and time to correct. I pronounced the “th” as “ff.” My older sister took hours and hours over a month or so to get me to prounce the “th” sound correctly.

  4. My 89 year old mother has hearing aids AND reads lips. This unmitigated bullshiite of masks totally excluded her from alot of conversation. Even telling the dunder headed idgits I CANT UNDERSTAND YOU got a confused look…. Now that democrats have realized oh crap its an election year, they are lifting mandates faster than ol bill lifts a skirt… I still see scared parents with young childred all masked up. I just want to beat them

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