Every single adult who participated in this atrocity should have to dance the Danny Deever for doing this to a child.

One day, God willing, the adults who supported and participated in child gender reassignment and gender affirmation will be treated and remembered the way the Dr. Mengele and his staff were.

And if they run and hide in Argentina, all the better.  We can enjoy a good Churrascaria in between handeling this Mossad style.

This is a crime against humanity.

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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “I would be very happy to be the next Pierrepoint at the Nuremberg trials of these monsters”
  1. Wait… what?

    Missing something, and not willing to follow the link right now.

    I could be OK with breast reduction surgery, depending on how massive they were at 13. I would be OK with mastectomy at 13 if there was cancer, or the family had a very high probability of cancer. (Bit iffy on the second one at that young of an age.)

    But, this was for cosmetic reasons? A 13 year old was allowed to remove her breasts because she wanted to look different?

    Yeah. Woodchipper needs to be brrrrrrr….

    1. When the revolt broke into his quarters, the Prophet had already been killed by his “Virgins” — underage girls forced to “attend” him.

      So Nehemiah Scudder is not the solution.

  2. I would say she’s gonna regret her decision when she’s an adult and emotionally more stable.

    But the chances she makes it to adulthood without taking her life first are not that good.

    1. I don’t know if ‘regret’ will enter into the equation. This girl is so warped in the head right now that the odds are she never will be ’emotionally more stable’.

      And as her idiot parents had to have agreed to this, they’re not going to do anything but continue to provide approval

      1. Sadly, her parents may have had no choice. Lots of Mengele-wannabes who would go to court to remove their custody for objecting.

        1. You’re right, that’s a possibility, but if it were my child and I objected, such a ‘wanna-be’ who might go to court, might have an ‘accident’.

  3. It’s fact that many body modifications done before age 25 are deeply regretted after age 25. Modifications done before 18 are really really regretted.

    This is child abuse. This is pandering to stupidity.

    It’s simple. A child wants to change itself? It can wait till it’s an adult. And any extreme non-fixable modification (like an adadicktomy or a lopitofamy) should need a 6 month waiting period and some serious mental health work.

    But, no, not so much in today’s f-d up world.

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