I would have federal agents seize 100% of Nike products made in overseas sweat shops by slave labor, and destroy it with giant commercial shredders.  Then I would fine Nike for the cost of environmentally friendly disposal all of that shredded material and force them to issue refunds to vendors for the undelivered product.

Apple too.

Really, I would have the supply chain bottle neck funnel right into my army of shredders until I got compliance.

I learned my way of war from Frank Herbert.

He who can destroy a thing can control a thing.

I will control Woke corporations by destroying their imported products.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “I would love to play chicken with Nike”
  1. Absent orders from the Government (in which case, see: Nuremberg Defense),
    (1) Doesn’t this sort of thing violate various labor laws?
    (2) Unlike the Government and the vaxx companies, wouldn’t private entities that coerce people into undergoing medical treatments (especially non-approved ones) be liable for any adverse effects?

    1. Following up on that thought:
      Isn’t it strange how the Left suddenly supports the use of megacorp power against workers?
      Would it be OK if a company suddenly decided that, as a condition of continued employment, all employees must have the corporate logo tattooed on their foreheads? Or that all female employees must be sterilized? (OK, so the anti-humanity modern Left would probably support that one.)

  2. Uh, aren’t you, Giant Megacorp, firing me due to my disability? (Lack a vax)? What does the ADA/my hungry attorney with kids @ an expensive university thing about that?

    Inquiring minds want to know!

  3. Nike is a company that employs literal slave labor via Chinese concentration camps to make its products, and it made a racist cop hater it’s frontman to cynically milk it’s idiot consumer base dry of even more money. Ergo it’s no surprise that the putrid communist filth from “Occupy Democrats” support them.

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