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Oh, I abso-fucking-lutely would.

Wife: “Why the fuck did you buy a dump truck bigger than our house.”

Me: “First of all, it’s a haul truck, not a dump truck. Second, this will hold 67 cubic yards. I’ll only have to make one trip to Home Depot for mulch.”

Also, do you have any idea how fucked up it is that a used 100-ton diesel haul truck is worth less than a used 3/4-ton diesel pickup?


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “I would”
  1. it might be less than a used 3/4 ton diesel, but you’ll need $20k worth of tires just to get it home….

  2. Why is it selling for less than a 3/4 ton pickup?
    The pickup has a near infinite number of uses, pretty much everywhere on the planet. There are only a limited number of places where the 777 can be safely used. Then there are operating costs, maintenance, etc… Whomever is selling this probably got more than their money’s worth out of it, and knows that increased costs of operation/repair are just around the corner. And, so will any buyer with a reason to purchase one of these.
    Literally, I think this is for sale for the parts, not the whole.

  3. There’s a parallel with a lot of large equipment. It’s either too big to use on a typical job site or it’s too big to easily move. A used 80′ boom lift is cheaper than a 50′ because the 80′ is an oversized load, the same with excavators, an 80,000lb unit is considerably cheaper than a 35,000 lb unit because it’s harder to move. This makes,the big machines a good deal for something like a farm because it only gets hauled once. As an aside this is why compact machines are relatively expensive, they can be hauled by pickup with a trailer and fit small sites.

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