Ron DeSantis turned Florida from a bluish-purple state into a red state.

The Hispanic population of Florida has consistently gone more conservative as they watched their ancestral homelands in the Caribbean and South America fail as they’ve turned socialist or communist.

I wouldn’t at all put it past this administration to add 9.5 million illiterate, unemployable, welfare dependent voters to the state of Florida to secure it as a blue state.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “I wouldn’t be surprised”
  1. We’ve known that for a while; that’s why Biden opened the border. Any day now I expect states like CA to allow illegal aliens the vote.

    1. I believe I read somewhere that illegals qualify for positions in law enforcement. And a mail-in ballot vetting process is so wide open that if an illegal can’t-won’t vote it’s because they haven’t been paid to do so.

      1. Indeed. But what’s worse is that any state could decide to allow illegals to vote in State elections for the state legislature, and if they do so, that automatically qualifies them to vote in Federal elections as well.
        There’s a simple answer, of course, but it takes a Constitutional Amendment to fix this bug.

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