#IBelieveHer… yeah right

Tampa, FL – Millionaire business man Scott Mitchell was going to be charged with criminal domestic violence, until a surveillance video from inside his home showed what really happened to his ex-fiancé.

Hunt claimed that Mitchell was abusive to her during their relationship and that he had given her the black eye.

It is sad that the only way this guy saved himself from a jail term was because he was paranoid enough to have full surveillance inside his house.

Yeah, but they would not dare to lie on something so important, right?

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  1. Stuff like this reminds me of that joke:

    They say that 25% of women are on anti-psychotic medication, which leaves the remaining 75% running around untreated.

    Anyway, this video is great. I especially like how the homeowner has a camera pointed at his bed. Classy.

  2. Have heard about and seen this in more than one divorce cases.

    Had one in which a the wife had a few glasses of wine and got her friend to beat her up, then take her to the hospital. Eventually the friend confessed that she did it during deposition as a witness. Hubby was facing a lengthy jail sentence.

    1. I once had a woman accuse me of a few BS things. One of which was of “stalking” her. Meanwhile, the conversation where this specific accusation was made….was initiated by her. She called me, she initiated the conversation, and then, when she didn’t like where the conversation was going, suddenly out comes a “stalking” claim.

      Needless to say I haven’t had any contact with her in many years. I wouldn’t be in the same place as her for exactly the reason we see in the video. I don’t trust that she wouldn’t hurt herself intentionally just to try and blame me. Maybe she’s not that crazy, but I sure wouldn’t chance it.

      Once you’ve personally seen crazy, you have a totally different outlook on #believeallwomen

      And I’ve seen women start throwing punches at a man, simply because he politely corrected her, or asked her not to do something.

      1. For what it’s worth, women becoming psychotic and blaming men for things that didn’t happen is as old as time.

        Look at the Bible, in Genesis. Remember Potiphar’s wife trying to bed Joseph, repeatedly. Joseph didn’t want to do it and kept refusing her advances out of loyalty to his master. And she got madder and madder, until she finally snapped, snatched a piece of his clothing, and made false allegations that he tried to “insult” her. And off to prison Joseph went.

  3. Bat. shite. crazy.

    My little brother did 90 days because he pinned his girlfriend up against the wall when she attacked him with a butcher knife. When he asked if she was calmed down, she said yes and went to the phone and called 911. In Seattle, if the cops come for a domestic disturbance, the man is going to jail whether he did anything or not.

    She lied her ass off and he made the mistake of walking into the courtroom without a lawyer. Judge sentenced him to jail – do not pass GO, do not collect $200 followed by anger management classes. He wound up getting kicked out of the anger management class because the instructor said he was too laid back and didn’t belong in it.

    It cost him a bundle with a lawyer to get his gun rights restored by the state because of Lautenberg.

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