ICE vs. MS-13

Actress Cynthia Nixon, who is running for Governor of New York, called ICE a terrorist organization.

It seems that she, and many New Yorkers, forgot that ICE as created as a response to 9/11 because several of the hijackers had overstayed their visas.

On the other hand, what the New York Post described as the “scourge of savage MS-13” for murdering people with machetes have the spark of divinity.

This is the modern Democrat party for you.  Terrorist and murderers sneaking into the US are victims and the Federal agency tasked with stopping them are terrorists.

I’d say that this should be an automatic loss, but I don’t know about New York anymore.   Bill de Blasio went to Texas and tried to demand his way into a detention facility down there.

The Mayor of New York City has no authority at a Federal facility in Texas, but he’s a big name Democrat so that doesn’t matter.  He is going to stage this kind of bullshit while letting the homeless piss all over his city , but he got reelected in 2017 after turning his city into a open air sewer for vagrants.

I’ve never through I’d say I support Andrew Cuomo, but better him than some crazy person who would put ICE against in prison for enforcing Federal law while letting machete wielding, drug dealing, murders roam the streets.

4 Replies to “ICE vs. MS-13”

  1. Oh, lovely, another Hollywood type who thinks they’re the shit and have all the right answers.

    As for DeBlasio, who the F thinks that they can just waltz up to a secure facility and get in because they’re a political big boy?

  2. Ref Mr. DiBlasio, I can only surmise that the answer to scrappycow’s question is found in the question one young snot asked me in the back of my ambulance, one night many, many years ago:” Do you know who my father is?”

    My partner muttered, “No. Does your mother?”

  3. Andrew Cuomo is a despicable POS, but he at least understands that he occasionally has to create the illusion of being centrist to garner any support at all from anyone in upstate New York. Cynthia Nixon, on the other hand, doesn’t appear to understand or care that there is more to the state than NYC.

    She won’t beat Cuomo, but at the very least, in attempting to pull votes from her, it might goad him into saying some incredibly dumb, ultra far left wing stuff that can be used against him when he tries to run for President some day.

  4. Vote for Nixon in the Primary.

    Remember the Bolshevik motto, “The Worse, The Better.” Let the NY Democrats see up close just how crazy their party really is.

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