By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “I’d be the one doing jail time”
  1. Not defending the nurse in any way here, but in reality, the medical industry turns humans/pets into products. If a chef were to slam a pan of burned food into a trashbin in frustration, no one would blink an eye. The reality is that nurses, doctors, etc… are not hired for compassion any more, they are hired to move as many people through, and cheaply as possible. And we get this crap as a result.
    Solution is to stop expecting some third party to pay medical bills. Insurance is there to protect your financial wellbeing, not your medical wellbeing. But, the population as a whole thinks someone else should pay. Net result, you lose the ability to choose doctors, staff, and complaints will fall on deaf ears. Don’t like your doctor, too bad, the next one is likely worse. Why? Insurance, regulations, and lack of a free market.
    End of rant.
    The individual who did this should never be allowed to work with anything more alive than a sheet of paper for the rest of their life.

    1. Would you buy from a gun store that slammed the gun down on a counter?

      A car from a dealership that door dinged the cars parked next to each other?

      Even from a customer service standpoint, you don’t let your people damage the merchandise before they sell it.

      This is a baby, no matter how frustrated you are, you don’t slam the baby.

      1. I note, though, was that CBMTTek’s point is that in modern medicine you’re not the customer. The payment bureaucracy is. The opinions of patients and their families are of no consequence, until there’s a big enough scandal – and then there’ll be “reforms” that only increase the disconnect.


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