Three points.

One: After watching the Waffen NYPD shut down business for COVID but let BLM rioters loot, raid Synagogues and Jewish schools, chain the gates of Jewish cemeteries and playgrounds in Jewish communities closed, ignore attacks on Orthodox Jews on city streets, and simply act as de Blasio’s antisemitic Stormtroopers, fuck that cop.

Two: New Yorkers are totally disarmed, so what exactly should a New Yorker do in that situation?  Get into a fistfight with a guy who is actively demonstrating his ability to kick a cop’s ass?  No, I’m not going to step into a fight with a guy like that and risk getting hurt.  Fuck that cop, he’s on his own.

Three: Do you honestly expect me to start fighting a black man on behalf of a cop while people stand around and live post the video on the internet, inviting every Leftist online to doxx and harass me and my wife out of our jobs and civil society?  Fuck that cop, he’s on his own.

The Left created this problem, they can deal with the consequences.

Fuck that cop, he’s on his own.


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By J. Kb

16 thoughts on “I’d FIDO too in this situation”
  1. Not just cops … In big cities, unless it’s your friend or family, nobody wants to get involved. Far too much potential downside, from immediate (getting hurt right there) to delayed (prosecuted, slandered, paid a visit by the bad guy or his friends, etc.)

  2. I mean, I thought being a vigilante was bad. Are we supposed to step in when we see people actively breaking the law or not so much? You’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.

    1. I think there’s a branching decision tree, starting with your race and gender, and those of the people involved in the altercation.

      You just go through this simple 4-page flowchart – kinda like the CA “is this an assault weapon” chart but more crosslinks – to see whether you should interve….Aaand, they’re done. Nevermind.

  3. Me of a 1-1.5 decades ago would have intervened because whatever reasons I had.

    Me of now: grab family and unass the area, maybe call 911 and tell them one of their boys is getting his ass whooped. I’m not getting involved with anything unless it comes through my front door/across the hood of my car. For reasons mostly described by j.kB in the initial post.

    1) I don’t get qualified immunity, have a union behind me, or have access to City/Department legal shit and insurance. So good luck, Chuck. Even in the reddest parts of the country, you still stand to be out a lot of money if some shitbag’s family starts to see dollar signs because their precious little baby dindu nuffin. Just ask Kystie Jaehnen about that. Lawsuit was dismissed . . . two years after the use of force. Fuck that.

    2) A lot of officer have acted like the Wehrmacht occupying a country the last 2 years. Arresting people trying to earn a living, take their family to the park, or go to church . Then standing by and doing absolutely nothing while the powers-that-be had their brown shirts burn down those same business the police actively shut down and kept shut down. Now, they’ll cry crocodile tears because no one wants to stick their neck out for the blue line.

      1. You mean some people DON’T keep an old burner phone around for just that reason? (Even phones with no voice or data plan can call 911 as long as they can connect.) Call, hang up, power down, remove battery.

  4. You’re all looking at it as “Bad cop gets comeuppance.” What you should consider is, “Criminal gets pistol.” The first thing the criminal does when he gets the cop’s pistol is murder the cop, then shoot up the bystanders.
    But stay smug and enjoy the show.

    1. My comment isn’t showing up but I’ll play with this one. A lot of us aren’t coming at this with the “Good, glad that cop got his ass whooped.” Most of us are looking at this through the lens of, “Fuck it. I’m not gonna get killed or have my life ruined to help out.”

      We’ve come to this through years of seeing good samaritans drug through the courts and financially ruined, years of people trying to do the right thing being harassed/threatened/doxxed by the left’s stormtroopers, and years of being gaslit by the very same people and organizations who are now clamoring for our help. And I won’t even going into the last almost two years of many cops blindly following orders to completely clamp down in their fellow citizens.

      But go ahead and sit there and think this mentality has come about because we all wanna see Johnny Law get his. Far from it

    2. O1, you’re also making some strong assumptions about the intent and actions of the criminal. None of which appear to be warranted from what we see in the video. (Due to my location I did not have the volume up, so if the cop’s opponent announces his intent to kill the cop and then go on a shooting spree, please do let me know.)

  5. In my experience, phoning 911, and announcing my location along with the admonition, “officer in trouble”, will result in *every* deputy/cop/Natural Resources officer(even the local vol firefighters) in my county arriving, in a hurry.

    Of course, I live in a very very rural county.

  6. Ragnar (above) pretty much has it; when the cops treat even the good guys as the enemy, and every lefty with a phone is a source point for ruining your life if you help, FIDO and get out of schrapnel range ASAP.

  7. I’m with Herman and others. There is close to zero upside to assisting LE in a Leftist city. In a more rural environment where respect for the citizen,nperhaps.

  8. Sorry, but don’t even call. Why? Because you’ll be dragged into the case no matter what.

    And, yeah, a white guy today helping a cop against a feral ‘good boy who’s turning his life around’? Yeah, no. Nope. Heck no. Double heck no!

  9. Watch the video. It is a Target store. It is a COVID emptied former food service area.

    The guy in gold khakis moving the table at the beginning of the clip? Looks a lot like a Target Security Person, even has a holster for a radio or something. Then about the 32 second point, two guys in the background wearing navy windbreakers with SECURITY on the back are seen shooing people away from the fight.

    If the freaking Corporation Security Persons are not going to jump in and help the cop? Why the freak should I? It is Target Corporation Property, and if Target Corporation Employees are not going to help out?

    The NYPD PBA should take it up with Target! Not us!

    1. Yes, just look at the TARGET SECURITY PERSON in TARGET SECURITY UNIFORM walk through the video from left to right about 50 seconds, just before the clip ends. Black woman, hair pulled up in a bun, right arm and hand up, gesturing to get back, (go away, nothing to see here.)

      Love to hear the audio. Love to see the overhead video of the WHOLE incident, before it started to when and how it ended.

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