The baton, retention holster, blue uniform pants, matching blue jacket, and black uniform shoes, then that she says she is in Manhattan where civilian carry is essentially illegal, she’s taken a picture of a cop.

That’s a cop.

She wants to sound all big and bad like she’s picking on some idiot open carrier for internet likes.

I actually want her to try it.

Grab an NYPD officer’s gun out of his retention holster in a Starbucks and see how well that goes.

I’ll wait for the bodycam footage of that encounter.

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By J. Kb

33 thoughts on “I’d like to see her try it. Really. Some stupid needs to learned the hard way.”
  1. I always love these assholes that move somewhere and then constantly bitch about everything there. Sayings like “Well in [New York/England/California/Massachusetts/etc.] we [insert some obscure shit they could get/some political leaning they all shared/some psychotic behavior not commonly practiced in a sane world]…”

    If it’s so great there compared to flyover country where us knuckle staggers live, go the fuck back there and stop bothering us. All of this constant enlightenment and bitching just wastes up bandwidth and annoys the locals.

    Also, I’ll chip in to see that footage. I just want to see the footage in at least 1080 resolution and in the proper orientation. None of these Worldstar, portrait mode shit.

    1. Our neighbor moved here from one of those states. We are in a small town. We live about 100 yards from the end of the side walk. She lives about 50 yards fro the end of the sidewalk, if that far.

      She complains about our property taxes all the time. Because where she use to live, their property taxes weren’t that much. She complained that the sidewalk didn’t extend another couple of miles “for reasons”. She complained that she had to pay for garbage pick up. (She could have taken her garbage/trash to the transfer station for free. She choose to pay to have the commercial entity across the street from the transfer station pick up her trash.)

      She could not correlate that having “free” sidewalks, garbage pickup and all the rest of the “free” stuff she wanted would increase our taxes.

      I went through the math of how much more she paid in taxes in her old state to here and she just kept complaining about our property taxes.

      They flee their s—hole states and then complain that we don’t want to turn into a s—hole state just like the one they left.

      1. Yep. We live in a neighborhood in Florida where, as far as I can tell, all but one household are conservatives and every household owns guns. Some new folks just moved in and my wife said they seem really nice. They’re from New Jersey. I asked if they were refugees or infiltrators.

      2. I’m going to take a guess that she doesn’t work. So in her previous state, all she had to pay was property taxes and sales taxes. Other people paid income taxes that pay for most services where she came from. So property taxes are all she’s aware of, and they’re higher than where she came from.

        I have to admit, I oppose all property taxes. Because what a property tax really is, is a rental fee to the government. Essentially, you never own your property. Fail to pay the tax, and your landlord will kick you off the property, you serf.

    2. That’s what’s caused Virginia to turn blue and Colorado purple in recent years. Texas is going to be struggling with this in the near future, if they aren’t already.

      Liberals can’t afford to pay the exorbitant taxes and cost of living, and can’t abide the rampant crime and violence in the cities they’re in because of the policies they voted for. They hear about all the opportunity in those other repugnant blue states…but, hey, there’s this one liberal city in the otherwise conservative state that makes it endurable…so they move there.

      And then vote for all the same policies that turned the place they left into a violence ridden, over priced hellhole and chide the people who grew up in the state they fled to for their “backward” opinions and way of life.

      Once they reach critical mass and the one or two very liberal cities outnumbers the rest of the state, you get Virginia: the California of the east.

      Coming soon to a state near you.

      1. That’s what’s caused Virginia to turn blue
        No, not necessarily. Primarily it’s the “bedroom communities” for D.C. almost all being in Virginia that turned it blue. (Especially as those communities were forced further and further south due to prices and crowding.)

      2. My home state of Colorado went from purple to blue with this latest election, thanks in great part to liberals flooding in here, escaping the chaos of what their leftist politics did to their own home states. I’m looking at moving to Wyoming now. I just hope they won’t think I’m bringing leftism with me.

        1. Don’t screwup Wyoming. We like it just the way it is. Even the democrats are conservative when compared to libs in NY, CA, NJ, & VA.

    3. We moved from “one of those states” a few years ago. It’s more than just nice to not have to deal with the annoying behaviors and attitudes of them any more.

  2. Yeah, another tacticool Brit who got her super ninja skills watching the telly going to go all badass on a cop in line at a $tarbuck$.

  3. Guys. This is regurgitation of an OLD picture. Dont know if it was the same dc (dc – dumb c$$$) but aint nuthin new/.

  4. Like most Euros, they’re afraid unless the person is in full jackboot tactical battle rattle and toting a long arm of some sort.

  5. Wanna watch her snatch it from that detention holster.

    If she’s dumb enough to not recognize a detention holster, and she apparently is, she’s dumb enough to savor the can of whoop ass that she would be liberally flavored with, due to the attempt.

  6. In a pro-gun state her attempt to grab someone’s gun would come off even worse, quickly bringing a few armed patrons down on her.

    1. Yep. I’ve seen a photo taken from a security camera in a convenience store that someone tried to rob. All 3 customers in the store were armed, and all three shot the robber.

  7. I’d flat-out love to see the look on her face when she realized several other people were there with guns out and drawn down on her because of her stupidity. I suspect she’d need a serious cleanup in the loo.

  8. And, yes, I would also love to see the video of that encounter.

    I also think a lot of people (including critiques of open-carry) don’t realize that almost all modern holsters require you to lift the gun up and not back to get it out of the holster with any sort of alacrity. And you can’t do that easily from behind someone else (who is carrying) without getting really up close and cozy with them.

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