I lost my job today.

I’m upset but having mixed emotions.

It’s been a rough year.  The job turned out very differently from what I was told it would be like during my interview and I’ve been unhappy with it for the last year.

Last week, out of the blue I was inspired to look for a job online for something I really want and something I’m very good at, and lo and behold it was there.  I put in my application and heard back right away.

I had the interview on Monday and am scheduled to have my follow-up interview next week.

This is a job I did before and loved and would give anything to do again with a different company.

The thing I’ve been wrestling with is that I hate moving and was not wanting to relocate.

So I’m going to take this as a sign from the universe that I need to relocate.

I rarely ask for anything but I’m going to ask for your thoughts and prayers.

That this is not going to be a long stretch of unemployment, that I will get the job, and that this is just the turning of a page to a much happier chapter in my life.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “I’d like your support”
  1. As I told Miguel once when he said don’t rely on the kindness of strangers- sometimes kindness from a stranger can be just what you need. Godspeed Sir. God bless. Hang tuff and load mags…heh. I got yer long distance back.

  2. From personal experience, working at something I love has been more satisfying than living where I love. As a child, my dad moved for his job yearly, even though it disrupted the kids lives. So, to me, moving is no big deal, as long as I can be satisfied with where I have to live. Free advice, worth every penny you paid for it.
    I wish you and yours well, no matter what you decide, and praying for the best outcome is a no brainer, you’ve got it.

  3. You have mine, of course.
    All platitudes aside re how the universe works, if this gets you out of a job you dislike and into one you love, it’s all to the good.
    And of course if there’s anything I can do to help, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

  4. J.Kb I’m with ya brother, things happen for a reason, and yours is greatness!
    Remember – you can’t keep a good man down, and you Sir, are A Good Man.

  5. As someone who spent much of my career working myself out of various jobs (i.e. completing projects as a contract engineer), I fully understand. Relocation sucks, even when it was just me, and all I was doing was moving to a differ apartment in a different job location. Of course you have my thoughts and prayers. Good luck with the new job, and yeah, recruiters lie, especially when their lips move.

    1. I’ve been there and done that. Worked myself out of a job offer Went into the interview. Was told I was going to be leading a team of 5 to solve a “hard problem.” Walked up to the whiteboard and sketched out how I would solve the problem. Got a call a couple of days from the guy that interviewed me and his boss apologizing that they couldn’t hire me. The “hard problem” wasn’t hard any more and they had a couple of junior developers that already had a working solution based on my sketch.

      Taught me to have job in hand before giving solutions.

      1. Been there done that, got the coffee cup. Worked with a startup firm. Part of the bid process was to present a solution for a “hypothetical” problem. Much coffee, and many unpaid OT hours later we submitted our bid package with proprietary information and copyright notice on every page. We weren’t the low bidder, we actually believed in providing reasonable hours estimates for quality work. After the bid was let, client hands our proposal to the low baller and told them this was the way they wanted the work done for the project that was amazingly close to the “hypothetical” in the RFP. We talked to an attorney and he said we had a good case, but if we sued the client, we would probably never get another contract. I love working government contracts, grrr.

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