Not in this case.


Unless they can pit it on a white supremacist in a MAGA hat, antisemitic violence doesn’t count.

That’s because Jews are the original Schrodinger’s minority, we get minority victim status depending on who is committing hate crimes against us.  (Asians are becoming a Schrodinger’s minority too.)

I haven’t heard a peep out of the media about this, which honestly speaks volumes.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “If a Synagogue is set on fire, does the media make a sound”
  1. Interesting how the media is silent on things like this yet many claim the media is run by Jews.. and lately it seems when this happens there is nary a white hood within 1000 miles… kinda like the black church burnings in the 90s blamed on kkk and turns out to be black people doing it.. its only important if white people do the crime..

  2. They actually talked about it on wnpr (CT local NPR) yesterday but not even the slightest implication it could be a racism.

    Well see how it developsdevelops.

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