This guy is Jon Mindaeo of the Goyem Defense League.

He’s essentially a Nazi who doesn’t call himself a Nazi.

The tough thing here is that nothing that he us doing is illegal.

There is not much that can be done from a law enforcement perspective as long as he’s not threatening people and is on public property.

I may not agree with what he says but I defend his right to say it.

Honestly, what I wish is that he were just a little bit more aggressive.

I know that sounds crazy but all I need is for him to step over the line enough to make caving in his skull or ventilating his internal organs legally justified.

I don’t think police in Orlando are going to be very concerned if a Nazi ends up bleeding out on the streets because he pushed a little old Jewish lady and her grandson decided to send him to hell to meet Hitler.

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By J. Kb

One thought on “If only he were a little bit more aggressive”
  1. That’s the type of person you need someone like me or Awa to take care of. We’re capable of pushing their buttons and making them freak out and become physical, without looking like we did anything to an outsider. 🙂
    I watched Awa push a liberal peacenik nutter once to break her little mind. She was upset with him over something, and he stood *several feet away from her* and continued to talk (loudly, because she was in a different room). He said some things that were fairly innocuous from the outside, but were rather personal to her, and she flew across the room and gave him a (rather ineffectual) right cross to the chin. He could have called the cops on her (didn’t… huge guy, little old lady, who are they going to believe *sigh*). If that had been done in public, on camera, guess who would have gone to jail? Not Awa.

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