5/2/22 Reuters:

“(Reuters) – A leaked initial draft majority opinion suggests the U.S. Supreme Court will vote to overturn the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion nationwide, Politico reported on Monday.”
My guess is a disgruntled justice or clerk is trying to put pressure on the Court.  Does anyone doubt that riots at the Court or physical attacks on justices in the majority will happen?  But this time, it will be the righteous anger of the people at a misogynistic racist Supreme Court.
And the powers that be know it it and “preparing” for it.  My take? By looking at the barricades erected in defense of SCOTUS, I am expecting this Administration will not care if the building goes up in flames after being thoroughly ransacked.
This crap has never stopped a dedicated mob.
Now compare to what was done around the Capitol Building, not including the presence of National Guard when there was only an imaginary threat.
The current administration would not be sad if a lynching party were to happen on the grounds of the Supreme Court and certain Justices would end swinging in the name of Social Justice. Not only it would satisfy their core psychotic voting base but allow them to stock the new court with their ultra-liberal picks.
So, consider me unsurprised if bad shit happens at SCOTUS in the next days.
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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

7 thoughts on “If SCOTUS burns, I would not be surprised”
  1. This type of response is a direct result of someone understanding dimmer switch vs off/on.

    The left will apply violence up to that point just before the switch is thrown. And they ratch it up so today’s leftist violence is only a little bit more than yesterday’s.

    On Jan 6th, they thought the switch had been thrown when instead it was a bunch of tourists wandering around the capital. They are acting like the switch was thrown, but it wasn’t.

    When they put up a fence to stop the right they do it with an eye to stopping a group with righteous anger cleaning house, not a bunch of thugs turning up the heat a little.

    They expect protests. They expect to see something they can show on CNN as “the people are very upset about this” and if there is a little violence then so much the better. It shows how upset people are.

    The left is correct to be scared of the right. People on the right go out and train at hard things for fun. Look at boomershoot or thunder ranch training or a dozen other places where people learn hard skills for fun.

  2. My question is; what’s about to happen behind the scenes that TPTB need this distraction? Because you know this “leak” wasn’t just an accident.

    1. You mean, besides wrenching the entire discussions before the mid-term elections to Roe, rather than rampant unchecked inflation, the impending collapse of the entire financial house of cards, fertilizer and food shortages bringing famine on a biblical scale, gas prices headed to Mars on a rocket, the US Navy rusting at the pierside, Poopypants’ fulminant dementia, millions of illegals streaming across the southern border daily, and the specter of global thermonuclear war with Russia?

      Or were you kidding us?

      1. If so? They played this abortion card waaayy too early. By November the Third World Famine will either be evident, or hopefully avoided. Same with a recession/depression, or a world wide financial collapse; the Russo Ukraine War going nuclear; and F. Joe’s Dementia. 20-30 million illegals are going to cross the border unless the Democrats decide to actually close the Border.

        By November? Abortion laws will have been decided state by state. Many Red States will have outlawed it with laws that are on their books today. In many Blue states like MN, abortion will still be legal due to state laws and state court decisions. Abortion will become a state level political fight.

        Mississippi will outlaw almost all abortion. California crazies will overreact and pass laws allowing post-partum abortion up to the first month or second year. Then watch how INFANTICIDE is excused by CA State Courts and the Biden Harris Regime.

  3. The Spanish Civil War kicked off when one minor Conservative politician was assassinated. This was after a long series of more radical provocations by the Communists.. I do not think we are there yet, but the Progressives are definitely gleefully removing the safeties and interlocks from our system of government.

  4. I said to my wife: “I figured this was a clerk, but it just occurred to me that it would be really bad if it turned out to be leaked by a justice”. Her reply: “that was my assumption from the start”.
    Just think about that: if one of the 9 justices were to be the leaker. What happens then? The court itself has no recourse. It could urge Congress to impeach and convict, but of course that won’t happen for a while, if ever. The mind boggles.
    So I’m hoping for the best case — or rather, least-bad case — that it’s a rogue clerk who can just get his a** fired and disbarred.

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