This is Scotland in 2024, because Europe is going back to its Jew-Hating roots.


Fuck that noise.

I’m an American.

If some cop told me to hide my Jewish star to keep from triggering antiseimtes, I swear to everything good and holy, I’m to strap up like Noah MacManus, put on a Magen David the size of Flavor Flav’s fucking clock, and strut around like the Homecoming game winning QB who just fucked the prom queen.


What happens happens. They can fucking try me.

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By J. Kb

17 thoughts on “If they are triggered, they can try me”
  1. not trying to be a dick, but I’m pretty sure Noah was Catholic….
    either way, I get your point J.Kb – there is no need to hide your persuasion. The problem is with the mob thinking it’s ok to mob a jew, or that the officer thinks it’s ok to ask a bystander to act differently as to make the cop’s job ‘easier’. faarkin’ people haven’t figured it out in millenia worth of breathing the same air.

  2. I understand the spirit, and agree. Legally there might be an issue. You could wind up in the slammer with the worst of these.

      1. What JKb is saying can easily be interpreted as a provocation. I’m talking about the US, not the UK. Look at the Armed Citizen’s Legal Defense Network. Everyone who has guns should belong.
        Short version: If you provoke a fight it’s not self-defense.

        1. Peaceably going about your day with a symbol of your religion is not provocation. The problem is with the people who would treat it as provocation, and those people need to be forcibly taught the error of their ways.

          1. Read the post again. I’m not talking about the original Scottish guy, but the response by J.Kb.
            Ask a good lawyer if you don’t believe me. I won’t be offended if I’m wrong.

          1. Please read the original post again. Then ask a lawyer, one who’s familiar with self- defense cases. Or look up your state’s law.
            I’m not arguing over this.

            1. I know my state law, I stand by what I said. “I’m to strap up like Noah MacManus, put on a Magen David the size of Flavor Flav’s fucking clock, and strut around like the Homecoming game winning QB who just fucked the prom queen.” NONE of that is provocation.

    1. here in America, he might be in trouble, but he would be ALIVE. personally Im sick and fukkin tired of having to hide because Im not the right color, religion, homo rainbow licker, political correct flavor of the day. STAND THE FUK UP AMERICA. liberals are 26% of the population,We the People are 74%. stop cowering like we are wrong.

  3. Yes…you can get strapped and peacock around. Right before the hired thugs for the system bust your ass, give you a nice trial with a predetermined outcome and then toss you into “pound me in the a*s” prison. There are only two strategies. Keepa very low gray man profile at ALL times. Or sack up, strap it on and step off the porch to go out in a glorious fashion. To be demonized posthumously by the media whores. Until the festivities start in earnest open fashion any nail that sticks out gets thoroughly hammered.

  4. I generally “Go Grey” most of the time. I don’t wear the latest tactical togs, don’t have any firearm related stickers or graphics on my car, and I carry very discretely on a daily basis. I respect the carry laws in my state and have never had an occasion to have a negative interaction with local law enforcement.
    I wear a star of David necklace that belonged to my father and his father before him. I will not be intimidated into changing that.
    I also follow the rule not to be around stupid people, doing stupid things, in stupid places at stupid times.
    If I know there will be one of these protests happening, I will avoid the area. If one spontaneously forms somewhere when I am out and about, I will leave the area when able. I am not going to put myself in a position where I will have no choice but to defend myself. Someone else will have to force that option upon me. I am, however, prepared for that choice on their part.

  5. Since my very appearance, posture and manner, screams “White Privilege, Conservative, Heterosexual, Testosterone Driven, Adrenalin Junky, 50 yr. old guy with a migraine who only wears dull variations in earth tone and continually watches everyone as if everyone is out to get me, 99% of the population leaves me alone. I call it my Avoidance Strategy.
    Every once in a while, someone will ask me if I’m law enforcement (almost always an attractive woman in her upper fifties) to which I respond in deadpan, “No, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night.” And once and once only was I asked which room number.

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