This is from Chico State:

The very Progressive female student hits the male student because of his “All Lives Matter” sign.  Then she blames him for her violence, saying that his sign “sacrificed [her] fucking safety.”

His sign opposed her viewpoint, so she decided that was a threat to her and she responded with violence.

The radical Left will always find a way to rationalize and justify their violent opposition to opposing views.  It allows them to claim the moral high ground, even when the high ground comes from standing on the throats of others.

As we get closer to the 2020 election, I have the feeling that attacks on MAGA hat wearers and Trump bumper sticker owners are only going to increase.

Like Miguel said: Prepare accordingly.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “If they don’t try and kill you, they will still respond with violence”
  1. And for everyone in the comments who says how they’d put the aggressor on their ass I can point to any number of us who are employed at will by a big box uni, have a scholarship, or some other in jeopardy status who know darned well that if we so much as glare at these spoiled little future speed bumps we’ll be tossed out in a second oh and charged for the damage done to said speed bumps poor wittle hand from hitting us. Not to mention an unsympathetic media and large numbers of spoiled folks who have never been popped in the mouth for their actions and thus have zero idea of the consequences.

    Heck we tabled for a gun bill and gun rights walk on campus and I had a five foot tall five foot wide girl walk up to my biker looking self, shove her phone in my face, and SCREAM that I was making her feel unsafe. No darling if you even thought for an instant you were unsafe you would be wetting yourself across the circle. They know darn well they’re safe and all the while the thugs and bean pole antifa types are mean mugging us from behind their diversity shields.

    Stuff like this is why folks are starting to openly say “I’ve only got one shot at this so I’m gonna make it count is today the day.”

  2. Here is an idea for an experiment,

    Go to the upper class liberal part of town, and put some Trump Pence 2020 bumper stickers on a few nice cars with liberal bumper stickers.

    Then go to the Conservative part of town, and put some Biden, Sanders, or Warren bumper stickers on nice cars with Conservative bumper stickers on them.

    Observe the behavior of the different neighborhoods.

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