Miguel send me this because he felt I needed a blood pressure test.



It’s real, not a photo shop.

That is a picture of Desmond Naples, who is a child drag queen who goes by Desmond is Amazing.

He’s been in TV and is notorious for dancing at a gay bar at 11-years-old, while adults threw dollars at him.

He’s now 16, but supposedly started this at age 5.  That picture looks like him at 11 when he first achieved notoriety.

This is where Pride has gone.

They are now calling prepubescent trans children “sexy.”

I consider myself a reasonably tolerant person.

I have no qualms about two men living together and filing their taxes jointly.

This is not that.

This is chipper fodder.



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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “If this is Pride, it can go into the chipper”
  1. ISTR there’s candid footage of Desmond mourning the wreck his mother has made of his life. May have the wrong tr@nny in mind; the press pushes so many of them.

      1. My point is the victims of the trans mania are not willing and are not happy, despite the FABULOUS lies that are spun.

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