Iranian Navy seized 2 US Navy maritime drones on Thursday

The Iranian Navy seized two US Navy maritime drones in international waters in the Red Sea on Thursday.

The drones were eventually released, but a US defense official says the incident looks like an escalation of Iranian hostile actions against the United States.

The incident began Thursday, the official said, when the Iranian Navy ship was observed taking two US drones out of the water “in an attempt to steal them,” according to the official. The US then quickly moved in with two nearby destroyers, the USS Nitze and USS Delbert D. Black, as well as two helicopters and communicated by radio to demand the drones be returned.

The Iranians agreed but asked to wait until daylight on Friday for safety reasons which the US agreed to, the official said.

Why in the name of Chester W. Nimitz’s massive nautical balls does the modern US Navy let itself get humiliated by Iran.

Remember that when President Biden was VP, his boss and CIC Obama let the Iranian Navy take our sailors hostage.

I have described the Navy as the big swinging dick of foreign policy.  It several million tons of floating American sovereignty that we can deploy almost anywhere on earth in 24 hours.

If we has some self respect and a hard fucking cock we’d introduce the Iranians to our new QUICKSKINK anti-ship missile and snap their fucking destroyers in half.


But no.  The only dick in the region belongs to the Iranian Navy and they are rubbing it on our faces.

Why in the fuck does the Obama/Biden/Obama 2.0 let Iran get away with this?

The next President needs to remind the Iranians no to fuck with our navy by putting theirs on the bottom of the fucking ocean.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “If we were a serious country we’d sink their navy”
    1. That’s another one of my foreign policy platforms.
      “If Iran wants a nuclear weapon, I’ll be happy to deliver them a W88 overnight with a B2.”

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