If you are not ditching your Smart Speaker by now.


FARMINGTON, N.H. – Authorities in New Hampshire are hopeful a smart speaker will be smart enough to convict a double murderer.
Amazon was ordered by a judge on Friday to hand over recordings taken by an Echo device in the Farmington, New Hampshire, home where Christine Sullivan lived with her boyfriend. Sullivan was found murdered in the backyard of the home on Jan. 29, 2017, along with Jenna Pellegrini, who was staying at the home.

Judge orders Amazon to hand over Echo recordings in double murder case

So basically imagine all the shit you have said around those things without thinking and come to the realizations that not only it is recorded and stored somewhere in some server, people will have access to it.

And you allowed it.

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  1. The most recent horror story about these things I’ve heard is about a woman who was in her room, sitting on her bed crying about something. She was by herself, and wasn’t speaking, only crying. After some time, Alexa perked up and said “It’s going to be ok”.

    No, it isn’t, you Orwellian abomination. Never, ever would I have one. If I didn’t have an elderly mother, I wouldn’t even carry a cell phone with me most of the time.

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