Psaki never brought up the fact that Bryant had a knife because it’s irrelevant.

The only thing that matters is the races of the individuals involved.

The only thing that ever matters is what fits the narrative.

It doesn’t matter how effective the vaccine is and how ineffective masks are, you will still have to wear a mask after vaccination.

It never mattered how badly the Soviet central planners misjudged production capacity and demand, the shortages and famines were always due to sabotage or disloyalty.

The Right can say Bryant had a knife until we are blue in the face and it won’t matter, any fact that undermines their consolidation of power and the narrative that they use to motivate their side in the consolidation of that power will be ignored.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “If you are upset about this you are failing to understand their worldview”
  1. How to not get killed by police:

    1. Don’t do stuff that attracts cops, like attacking other people, B&E, et cetera. (I.e. don’t act like a criminal.)

    2. If the cops stop you, swallow your damn pride and:
    a. stop what you’re doing,
    b. drop any weapon you’re holding, and
    c. do what they tell you, when they tell you, how they tell you.

    3. if warranted, sue the department later.

    This doesn’t cover all cases, of course, but generally it seems to work for most people who have a police interaction.

  2. Black people are disproportionately affected by police? Could it be, just maybe, just MAYBE, they commit the most crime??? Crime and police interaction are in direct correlation, no??

    I’m sick of people complaining that blacks are stopped by police X % more than whites in primarily black urban areas. It’s just basic math. If there are more people of a certain ethnicity in a given area, it makes sense that that same ethnicity is going to be interacting with police more.

    Logic is the silent victim here.

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