I hate 3D printed guns.

You have the right to do it.  I won’t argue that.

I’m just a materials engineer who worked in the defense industry and your PLA lower is a piece of shit compared to a proper 30% glass filled poly-amide.

If you want to do it as a hobby, fine.  Everything we used 3D printed parts for was a prototype.

But I digress.

I’m currently engaged in a Twitter spat with the asshole wing of the 3D printed crowed.

The guys who print auto sears and cans and shit.

They are the ideological fundamentalists of the 3D printer movement and these are the douche bags that will ruin it for the rest of us.

The 3D printer version of the dick-bags in Florida who just had to open carry a roided out AR, dipped in a bucket of TAPCO, when fishing, just fucking because.

Remember, they didn’t get open carry legal in Florida, they got rifles in public banned.

These numb-nuts are going to do the same fucking thing.

Douches: “Imma 3D print whatever the fuck I want. Be un-governable.” Prints felonies

ATF: “Fine, you all lose all your rights. Suck big fat government cock!  Also, since you printed auto conversion end plates for your Glock, Glocks are now controlled like open bolt semi-autos.  Fuck you!”

They are poking the bear and that bear will maul all of us.


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “If you have a 3D printer, don’t be a douche”
  1. This is why people are distancing themselves from “gun rights groups” they are full of dumb idiots like the 3D print crowd is….

  2. Maybe stay off Twitter? I’ve never seen anything good come from that POS, and if their former chief of security is accurate, it exists as the world’s largest doxxing engine.

  3. “these are the douche bags that will ruin it for the rest of us”

    You lost the argument right there. They are a convenient excuse, not a cause.

    They are also one of the best arguments of why gun control is pointless, especially with 3d printing getting ever better, cheaper, and ubiquitous.

    1. There’s a Portugese YouTuber named Integza who uses 3D printing to build things like simple engines — last week he made a pulse jet engine with some 3D prints and a plastic tube. But when he wanted to increase the thrust by increasing the pulse rate, he turned to his CNC machine and made it from metal.

      So long as there are CNC machines, 3D printed guns will be a sad joke that only exist to scare the gun-grabbers.

      (Oh, and Integza printed something that looked amazingly like a Minie ball, and the pulse jet threw it across the room pretty fast. I don’t think he tried it with the metal version of the jet.)

      1. I think you are incorrect. Of course the technology as it is now cannot stand up to metal machining, but it has shown there is great potential in the future beyond just “scaring gun grabbers”. The technology has advanced exponentially and become incredibly affordable in the 15ish years since i started looking into building a rep rap and later buying a maker bot 1.0 kit.

        Here are two recent videos demonstrating the leaps and bounds 3d printing guns has advanced by. Just watching the channels that focus on 3d printed guns will show that we are going to surpass the bar of simple viability, basic safety, and proof of concept in short order, if we haven’t already.


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