They started last Friday and will last till the 25th. They have a drive-thru covered in Christmas lights, lit trees, a nightly “snowfall” for the kids to play in,  Christmas movies, a small cafe and other stuff.

Oasis Church holds two Christmas related world records: Largest display of nativity sets and most live & lit Christmas trees.

Trees of Hope Giveaway Recap 2014 from Oasis Church on Vimeo.

Oasis Church just opened another location in North Miami so no record-breaking stuff this year (they are sharing between places) and they do need some help to make this new site as great as the original. So please visit, enjoy the fun stuff (click on the link for more info) and be generous.

And about the unasked question, yes you can. They do not only not frown but approve.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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