It’s because the citizens are Oregon are such absolute morons that they can’t pump gas without an instructional video.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “If you wonder why Portland is the way it is”
  1. In defense of Oregon the problem with Portland is 3 decades of colonization by Californians trying to “make Oregon more like California”.
    The video is necessary because all the Californians forgot how to pump gas.

  2. Is wearing a doof cap optional when refueling? Asking for a friend.

    So, the Garden State also reserves refueling for professionals. We were visiting and wanted to gas up before heading north. When I pulled in, the high-skilled attendant was…cleaning one of the gas pumps. I exited my vehicle and unscrewed the gas cap. He continued cleaning. It was only after I started pumping that he was on full alert so as to inform me that I couldn’t use the pump. I returned to my seat and let him finish the very delicate job. Thank G-d they he was there. 8>)

  3. I took a long road trip once. Stopped in Baker City, OR, which is actually a pretty neat little town. At any rate, I needed gas and started to fill my car. This teenager comes racing toward me across the apron hollering and waving his arms. He took over pumping the gas, and after he saw my license plates and explained things we both had a good laugh.

    Baker City is a long way from Portland, in more ways than one.

  4. This can make for interesting times when you’re a motorcyclist. When riding through Oregon, I always asked, as politely as possible, if they mind if I pump my own gas, because it’s a little tricky to tell when my tank is full.

    Never had a problem, myself, with an attendant letting me fill my own tank; but I’ve seen a few “whoopsies” in the attendant / rider / cycle interaction.

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