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Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

7 thoughts on “If your cause is righteous, why lie? NPR Edition.”
  1. Its another distraction to draw attention from what a colossal fukup biden and democrats are. And dems are way too stupid to realize “gun control “ is not what America wants or needs. When are they gonna rerun the “ar15 vs watermelon “ video featuring a shotgun??

  2. He’s not a coroner. In Texas, the justice of the peace also has authority to issue death certificates, especially in areas that might not have a hospital, morgue, or coroner available. I don’t know about him personally, but a lot of times the justice has no real medical training, he’s just the authority figure that says, yeah, he’s dead, I’ll sign the certificate. So, good reporting there by NPR.

  3. Forget it, Jake, it’s NPR.
    First they lost me on the comedy shows in 2015, when it was bitter negaTrump all the time. Then they lost me on the general news due to the slant. Next to go was Science Friday with wokeness. And now they’re working on the business / financial news with the continuing snark about Trump – still! – and more woke stories.
    Remind me again why we fund them? Especially as they run “notices” from their “sponsors” just as much as, say, Fox News podcasts?

  4. I might accept the “decapitation” statement if we were talking about .338 Lapua, but the .223/5.56 family? Nope. Not buying it.

  5. at times like this, I always remember what george carlin said about people. over half of them are dumb and then realize that over half of them are even dumber still. and now after having the dept of education, anyone under 50 is dumber still.
    I often wonder why people make choices based on what shit they see on tv. most people today can not think for themselves
    anymore here. we now have kids in schools who do not know how many states in the country, or what and where ww2 was fought, left alone any of the other wars. remember how many people worn masks everywhere for a virus.
    what shocked me was seeing vets who should know better buying that bullshit story. remember NBC training ?
    here a thought, just start drilling for oil again, or reopen the pipeline ? EO are not laws. fuck the green new deal shit

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