Miguel shared this Tweet from Shannon Watts.

I thought I would respond.

I’ve done that.

Not the shooting a carjacker part, but the leaving a kid in a running car with a loaded gun.

This woman’s kids are two and four years old.  Assuming she is obeying the law, her kids are in car seats.  They are restrained.

As a parent, I have left my kid in car seat if I’ve had to go inside an pay for gas.  Hauling a toddler out of a car sear is a pain in the ass.  Two by yourself is nearly impossible.

When I lived in Chicago, I’d do that in the winter so I wouldn’t have to expose the boy to the driving snow if I had to run into the CVS with for diapers.

This is Texas in July, I would bet cash that she left the car running to keep the AC going so her kids wouldn’t over heat in the car.

As per the gun in the car.

Yes, on body carry is best.  But what if you work in a place that doesn’t allow concealed carry.  I do.  I have a 9mm that lives in the center console of the truck for that very reason.

Now when my kid is old enough that he’s not locked into a car seat, my gun will have to find a new home.  All my guns at home are locked in safes.

So here is a woman, who didn’t want to wrestle two toddlers out of their car seats to take them into the gas station, presumably to pay for gas or buy a drink, some quick errand, and left her gun in the glove box where her kids restrained in the back couldn’t reach it.

I call that reasonable parenting.

With my old truck I could leave the engine running and take the key fob and lock the car remotely.  With my new truck, the key fob is the engine key and I won’t be able to do that anymore (I actually like the old key system better).

I would figure Shannon Watts is old enough where her parents probably left her in the car when they ran errands.

It is easy to forget what normal parents do from way atop your moral high horse.

To borrow from Watts’ particular brand of feminism, maybe we should teach men not to jump into cars they see running in parking lots instead of blaming women for leaving their cars running.

I have a feeling that a bullet to the face and some time in prison is a hell of a way to learn that lesson though.



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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “I’ll answer Shannon Watts”
  1. I always carry two sets of keys so I can leave my old vehicle running. I have to manually lock the door from outside though. (And two sets because I will lock myself out accidentally too.). I do miss the locking glove box, but that was “value engineered” out of cars decades ago.

    Can you carry a second key/lock fob?

  2. I hope the woman didn’t intend to “fire a warning shot”, because that’s not valid self-defense anywhere. I hope she intended to shoot the man kidnapping her kids in the head, because that *IS* valid self-defense.

    1. I wouldn’t trust Shannon’s version of events. More than likely, she’s got it entirely wrong or is misstating the facts on purpose. She could work for CNN or NBC with her record of getting things right…

  3. It’s also legal in Texas to have it in your car like that w/o a CHL. So if the lady wasn’t licensed, she almost had to have it like that to have it at all.

  4. Idiots like hillary2.0 are real good at arm chair quarterbackin when they have zero facts of the story.

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