If I get elected and a bunch of environmentalists protest me for being pro-oil/drilling/fracing/pipeline/nuclear/etc.

I promise to run them the fuck over with a 3/4-ton truck with a big gas-burning V8.

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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “I’ll make you this campaign promise now”
  1. Tried to run us over? Also known as: we were blocking his vehicle with our bodies.

    Profiteer, you say? I wonder what product you used to post this egregious offense? An iPhone? No profit seeking by Apple! (How are those new cables working out?)

  2. Wanna break the carbon use cycle? Stop reproducing. That’s right – stop squirting out energy sucking, carbon using insects from your crotch. Problem solved!

  3. I am so hoping that Steve Inman gets a chance to narrate a clip of Joe Manchin knocking them over for real. “Move Bitch! Get out the way! Get out the way!” on the Ludacris Cam.

  4. I thought there were laws against kidnapping and especially against blocking Congresscritters from getting to the Capitol.

  5. I love how they call him a “coal profiter.” Chef’s Kiss

    Tell me you don’t know how electric vehicles are powered without telling me you don’t know how electric vehicles are powered…

  6. Bonus points if you get a leaky old early to mid 70’s 3/4 -1ton pickup as a campaign vehicle, run them over with a truck that gets 3-4mpg.

  7. And yet not a single shot was fired by the capital gestapo, I guess summary execution is only for filthy deplorables.

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