I’m going to beat this anti-gun horse to death, grind it into IKEA meatballs, and them feed it to them.


Everytown is quoting University of Houston, English Department, Associate Professor Maria C. Gonzalez.  A professor of English.  I wondered what type of “critical intellectual work” she felt allowing CCW on campus would discourage.  I showed this quote to my wife, who majored in English Education as an undergrad, and she asked the same question.

So I decided to do some digging.  Turns out, she has quite a few negative ratings about how she conducts her class.

Gonzalez 1

Gonzalez 2

gonzalez 3

gonzalez 4

Well that explains it.  Professor Gonzalez sees her role in the classroom as less about teaching students mastery of the written English language, and more about being a Social Justice activist.  Even her good reviews make it clear that Propagandist Professor Gonzalez is politically biased; she’s just an easy grader if you are willing to parrot her ideas back at her.

gonzalez 5

My guess here is that Propagandist Professor Gonzalez is a dyed-in-the-wool Progressive activist.  It’s not idea of a gun in her classroom that terrifies her.  It’s the idea of an independently minded, and potentially *gasp* conservative, student in her classroom that terrifies her.  It’s the idea that one of the impressionable young minds in her class might not be so easily malleable to her world view.  This is not the opinion of a professional educator who earnestly wants her students to think critically and evaluate new concepts.  This is the opinion of a Progressive evangelist who only wants to preach to the choir.

This type of professor is a stain on academia.  Her opinion on this issue is as worthless as the education she hoists upon her students.


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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “I’ll say it again…”
  1. I had a history professor like her during my undergrad. Got an “A-” because I argued with her on ideology constantly. Luckily, the way her class was structured with grading, that’s the lowest grade she could give me because I aced all my exams. She would prattle on about how it was so important to “move forward” in government. I would make her visibly angry with my comments. I even got her to accidentally infer that she believed Black people weren’t capable of success without government intervention because they weren’t mentally capable to compete. After she said it, I openly called her a bigot in front of the class. I could never get away with this today. Half the class would be running for their safe space and I would be kicked out for some trumped up rape charge because I dared to challenge a woman.

    1. I have a friend who took a different Tech Writing class from the one I took, but with the same misandrist professor. He got 20 points taken off of one paper for using the word “Human,” because “It has the word ‘man’ in it.”

  2. The only people seriously concerned that concealed carry on campus will result in students shooting people, and the only people talking about who they might shoot, are the ones who oppose it.

    This reminds me of the socialist critics comparing Donald Trump to Hitler. They accuse him of spouting racist rhetoric and inciting violence, and there are even bullying incidents where a group of kids will say “Yeah, Trump’s going to deport your whole family.” But none of that is coming from the pro-Trump camp. The only people doing things that the Left claims Trump will do are the ones who hate him.

  3. She’s afraid that she won’t have her bully pulpit because her illogical fear that gun owners will be purposefully threatening her, she won’t even know who’s ccing

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