I don’t care about her race or her gender.

I care about Biden nominating another privileged shit-weasel from Harvard and Harvard Law who clerked for a Leftist Supreme Court Justice.

The “full talents and greatness of our nation” means Ivy League graduates.

They can pick people of whatever skin color and sexual organs they want, because as the end of the day the only Americans they care about are the tiny percentage who are from their elite university bubble.

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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “I’ll tell you what I see”
  1. The best thing I’ve heard about her is from the Foundation for Economic Education guys, who said, “she’s probably not as bad as some of the others on that list he’s working from.” Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

      1. Not true. Michelle Childs would have been a superior pick and would have an easier path to confirmation. Her only issue is that she was too moderate and therefore would not satisfy the leftists that run the Democrats. Of the ~3 individuals under consideration Jackson is the worst/most leftist pick.

  2. Doesn’t matter what her credentials are. No matter how good or bad she is, the pall will always hang over her that the ONLY reason she was nominated was due to the color of her skin and her gender.

  3. Judging by the WSJ reporting, what we have here is the best candidate FJB could find subject to three limitations: (a) female, (b) black, (c) far enough left to be acceptable to the maniac wing of his party.

  4. I saw some yattering fool on cable news talking about the influence she will have on next year’s “blockbuster cases”, apparently unaware that the political bent of the court won’t be changing a bit with her confirmation.

  5. I luv how this demented old moron yrots out “its time to bring back America “…. Oh you mean democrat run slavery luvin america, right?? Fuk you joe. Trump brought AMERICA back and all you fukkers hated him and We the People for it….

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