As part of a “firearms enforcement blitz” from June 16 to July 31 in 41 southern Illinois counties, including St. Clair, Madison, Monroe, Clinton and Randolph counties, state police officers performed 710 “compliance checks,” which resulted in 295 people being “placed into compliance” with the state’s Firearms Owners Identification Card, or FOID card, law.

This Orwellian language actually means that the Illinois state police took people FOID cards from them and then forced those people to turn over their firearms. It would not surprise me if the Illinois state police keep records of who purchases what firearms. I know this did happen in Maryland. In Maryland you nad to fill out a 4473 and a MD version of the 4473 but with a lot more questions. The MD version was then sent to the state police and they kept records.

In the best of all worlds, these people would be people that had become prohibited persons under federal law. If you know that somebody is a prohibited person then it makes sense to revoke their FOID and require them to get rid of their firearms.

In order for one of these people to come into compliance they had to:

  • Surrender their FOID card
  • Transfer all firearms out of their possession
  • Complete a firearms disposition record to detail the guns involved

Why do they need a firearms disposition record unless the IL state police are tracking what firearms people own. No wonder they hate firearms that are made by people for themselves according to federal law and according to the second amendment.

In still more Orwellian language:

Compliance checks are not about confiscating guns, but about ensuring individuals who have lost their firearms rights to transfer their firearms to law enforcement or someone who is legally able to possess them

Hmm, not confiscating guns… True, you have to transfer all firearms out of their possession. And they say right there that these people have lost their firearms rights. That means they are prohibited persons?

Nope, they don’t have to be a prohibited person to lose their FOID card and firearms rights within the state of Illinois. Law enforcement, school administrators and others are required to report when they believe a student or person should have their rights infringed.

Nearly 300 southern Illinoisans have to give up their firearms after gun rights revoked

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By awa

3 thoughts on “Illinois brings firearm owners into “compliance””
  1. “Transfer them to law enforcement “….. and they are in turn given a check valued at current market price right??.. glad I dont live there

  2. Placed into compliance somehow managed to sound even more threatening than “accosted at gunpoint” and I’m not entirely sure why. Prehaps I’m reading a certain helplessness into the situation?

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