Let me introduce you to Illinois HB1231.

Synopsis As Introduced
Creates the Armed Security Protection Act. Provides that beginning July 1, 2024, banks, pawn shops, grocery stores, and gas stations in municipalities having a population in excess of 2,000,000 inhabitants must employ and have on the premises at least one guard during the hours they conduct business with the public.

The bill requires that said guard be armed.


All of these places generally prohibit concealed carry under 430 ILCS 66/65.  (I know, I used to live in Chicago.  Most stores had the no carry sticker on their entrance.)

The Democrats did everything possible to eliminate concealed carry in Chicago.

But, now as crime is spiking, the Democrats want stores to pay money for armed security.

Apparently what separates a good guy with a gun from a crazy, dangerous, ammosexual, potential murder, is a paycheck.

Like magic, a guy getting a paycheck to carry a gun in a store is good.  The guy who went through the same background check and us carrying a gun in the store but not getting paid to do so is bad.

Democrats love guns protecting them, just not in your hands.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Illinois logic of paycheck magic fairydust”
  1. I wonder how much insurance premiums will increase, having an armed guard in the establishment. I predict violence and death will only increase if this is ever implemented, because the criminal class never quits when faced with a new obstruction, they just find a new victim.

  2. Yeah, that one’s not going anywhere. If it did, there would be immediate cries of ‘racism’ any time a non-white was stopped for anything, even if they were carrying a duffel bag of stolen merchandise.

    But notice the one place they DON’T want armed guards. Schools.

    Protect your stuff/money, but not your kids.

  3. And how much legal protection will said “security guard “ have when he dusts some criminal??? Ill take slim to none for $500 Alex…

  4. What, if any, certifications and licenses are needed to become an armed guard? (On that note, also see Divemedic’s recent posts over at Area Ocho re licensing and degrees.)

  5. So, basically, any of these businesses in Chicago would be affected. And no other cities in Illinois? I’m sure this would do a lot for retaining businesses in the city.

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